Wedding Ready at the Swissotel

Over the last couple of years, we have built a close relationship with the wonderful people at the Swissotel in Chicago. When I was looking for places to get ready for my wedding and for a hotel stay for my guests I knew that I wanted to include the Swissotel on our special day! The Swissotel was perfectly located for our guests. Whether they wanted to explore the sights of Chicago or the proximity to all of the places we needed to go for all wedding events.

Our rehearsal dinner was at Maple and Ash which was 1.7 miles from the Swissotel. Our church was 2 miles and our reception at Galleria Marchetti was 2.1 miles. There isn’t a shuttle at the hotel and we didn’t book a bus to drive people because we thought everything was close enough to either hail a cab at the hotel or to get an uber/ lyft.

I stayed in our suite the night before our wedding with Stacy and our friend Sam. The suite was so spacious. It the perfect place for us to get ready and had the most stunning views of the city, river, and lake. Even aside from getting ready in the suite, we had some guests come over the day before our wedding as they were getting into town and the morning after our wedding we had so much space to host our hotel guests for breakfast.

The Presidential Suite

My family really enjoyed it as you can see from these pictures below. There was so much room my niece and nephew had lots of space to run around.

The girls got ready in the Presidential Suite and the boys had a hospitality suite. It was the perfect room to just have for a couple of hours at the hotel. Not only was the suite incredible, but the lighting was amazing. We all know how important that is for photos. My photographer was so happy. We found the perfect spot in the corner of the suite to take photos. One of my biggest pet peeves with hotel photos is not only the lighting but the color scheme, bedding, and carpet. The Swissotel has the perfect neutral tones, that didn’t distract from my dress or the day!

I loved that no one ever felt cramped in the space we were in. Now I realize I am very lucky. Having that much space made it easier for people to come and go. This gave my makeup artist and hairstylist their own spaces. There were plenty of tables and couches we could sit at. We were able to enjoy our fruit and mimosas from the Swissotel and donuts from Stan’s donuts. When our Sweetgreen arrived we still had space to eat lunch and we weren’t in the way of all the pampering.

The Girls Getting Ready

My first look at my dress! In the perfect neutral corner of the suite. My videographers and photographers were so quick to move the table, chairs, and rug to make sure we had the best photo op! Plus in the slide show below, some of my favorite pictures from the day. With my Mom, sister, and niece helping me get ready and my first photos with my bridesmaids.

The Boys Getting Ready

Our handsome boys getting ready in the hospitality suite at the Swissotel. All of their suits were from The Black Tux. This was the second time that Rhys rented a tuxedo from them. I highly recommend them not only for your wedding but for any event the man in your life needs a tuxedo for.

Stay tuned for my next post for more wedding fun! I want to share more details about our wonderful vendors who made our wedding day so special. A special shoutout to the wonderful people the Swissotel who made our stay perfect and for your wonderful hospitality to all of our guests. Rebecca and Brittany, I couldn’t have planned this weekend without. They were two of the very special people I worked closely with for our wedding weekend.

Enjoying our first morning as husband and wife in our suite!

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