What to bring on an International Flight

Making sure that you bring items that comfort you on an international flight is important. As we are leaving today for the longest trip of our lives, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post! Thinking about being on the second half of our flight for seventeen hours I have no idea what to expect. I know that I need to make sure that I am not only entertained but comfortable. Below are some of the essentials I am bringing with. 

A Pillow or a Neck Pillow

I know some airlines provide pillows. They are small, not super comfortable and even though they are usually wrapped in plastic I still feel like there are germs all over them. Almost every flight Rhys and I wish we had a neck pillow and now we finally have one!. There are so many on the market, but we found this one on Amazon for under $20! Along with the memory foam neck pillow, it comes with an eye mask, earplugs, a travel shoe bag, and a nice compact bag to store all of these items.



Whether you want to listen to music, an audiobook, podcast, watch a movie or to cancel out the noise. Headphones are an essential part of your trip!

Travel Blanket

I am always cold on flights and if I plan to sleep I definitely need a blanket with me. There is a comfort in falling asleep with the weight even if its light of a blanket on top of me. Same as the pillows, I know sometimes they provide these but no thanks, I would rather have my own. You don’t have to go out and buy a new blanket, I will probably bring one that we already have at home. If I were to purchase one this Fold ‘n Go blanket can be used not only as a blanket but for a pillow and back support. Three in one!

A Charger

If you plan to be on your phone or tablet for a majority of your flight, you will need to charge your device. Most flights now have either a port for a USB or an outlet to charge. Make sure to put this in a bag that is easily accessible and not stored away.

Passport/ Visa

Obviously one of the most important items for you to have on hand to travel. You will be asked to provide your passport number on the immigration forms, so make sure to have it handy. For Vietnam, we need Visa’s to get into the country. We will keep those with our passport as well as any other documents we needed to fill out prior to our trip. I like to keep everything in my passport holder that’s just under $10!  

A Pen

We learned the hard way when we were in Mexico. When we landed in Mexico and had to fill out the immigration and customs forms we were out of luck. There was a nice patron who let us and ten other people use their pen. If you share your pen, make sure to get it back as you will need it for the way home!


Most international flights have in-flight movies, but I definitely think it’s good to have options. Whether those are electronics, books/audiobooks, cards, sudoku/ crossword, etc. Plus this is a great time to plan some parts of your trip if you haven’t done so already! Make sure to download your movies prior to your flight, while you have wifi available.


I Imagine while traveling for 17 hours, there is going to be a point where I am going to want to brush my teeth, reapply deodorant and wash my face. On one of my last flights, I actually packed sheet masks and facial wipes. I did a little facial at my seat. While I felt silly at first putting on my mask and eye patches I was happy that I did when I landed. Plus it helped me relax on the flight and self-care is important! If you are unsure of actually applying a sheet mask for fear of looking silly the Jet Lag Mask by Summer Friday’s doubles as a mask and moisturizer.


Airlines typically don’t provide a ton of healthy options and neither do airports, so I plan to bring some protein bars and nuts!


If you haven’t caught on by now, there is something that gives me the heebie-jeebies about all the germs on a flight. The first time I saw my sister whip out her wipes on a flight I thought she was a little crazy. Then slowly realized she was onto something.

A Change of Clothes (or 2)

In case you are unlucky and your suitcase gets lost throughout all of your travel you at least have some clothes you can wear when you land. I like to pack an outfit that’s presentable I can wear out. Then Pajamas in case I don’t get my luggage till the following day. I definitely don’t want to sleep in my airplane clothes!

Those are all my tips for today on what to bring on an international flight. Also, make sure to stretch and walk around the cabin! Safe Travels!

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