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For a while I’ve tried to be consistent in your lives on Thursdays, but we’re changing things around a bit in the Hashtags and Handbags world. Wednesdays will be one of my new days for connecting with all of you on the blog! Today, I am sharing about how I am staying organized while planning our wedding. Wedding planning has been an absolute nightmare for me. I lay awake in bed almost every single night worrying about what I need to do the next day. Worrying about how I am going to juggle planning a wedding, working a full time job, dedicating time to the blog, having a social life, working out etc. It’s so much work and I feel like i’m drowning! I also am a very indecisive person, so throughout this whole process I keep second guessing every decision I have made. That just impedes me from getting items checked off my to do list. I also like to have control. Even though Rhys is responsible for a couple of things, I still need to be involved to make sure it essentially gets done the way I want it. At least I can admit to having a problem! haha

I have so many google docs, excel spreadsheets and emails that I have sent to myself. What I really find that has been helping me is to actually write things down with a paper and pen. I have always been more visual and like to physically write out my tasks for the day on paper. That’s why I am so lucky to partner with Erin Condren, to help me plan for my wedding. With the help of Erin Condren X Green Wedding Shoes Romance planner I am able to tackle all of my To Do’s before I say I do! I was able to customize my planner, as well as choose the front cover. I chose the Romance planner because it most closely resembles the look and feel I am aiming to achieve for our big day! Below you can find what is inside of the planner.

What’s inside of the Romance Wedding Planner: 

One mixed metallic vellum sheet
A title page
One quote spread
monthly spreads (for 12 or 24 months)
“I DO” list section – Page 36
scrapbook section Page 9
Twenty Two lined pages
Forty dot grid pages
One quote page
Four sticker sheets
One keep it together folder
One snap-in bookmark

If you have ever purchased or browsed Erin Condren’s website you know there are so many cute designs. What I am most surprised about is the quality! I have two of her planners and they are attached to my hip. I now carry my wedding planner around in my purse. I am constantly in contact with a vendor and I want to make sure I have my to do lists with me and all my dates available to schedule meetings. One of my favorite sections of the Romance Wedding Planner is the “I Do” list section. It basically breaks down all your to do’s fourteen months out from your wedding date. Right now we are six to eight months out! Along with the beautiful planner that I could customize, I received a Wedding Sticker Pack, Wedding Stylized Sticky Notes and a pack of pens!

We just started our YouTube Channel! This is something we are going to be focusing on in 2019! We would love for you to watch this video and subscribe. Can’t wait for this journey and hope you are excited to follow along with us!

Stay tuned, there will be more wedding planning posts coming your way!

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