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31 Fun Facts About Me on My 31st Birthday!!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to me! 

Today is my 31st birthday! That makes me cringe a little saying that, but I know this year is going to be extra special! Below I am sharing 31 fun facts about me! For all our new followers and even those of you that have been around for a while I always think these posts are a fun way of getting to know someone! 

  1. I was born on 2/14 in room 214 at 2:14am. Some would think that my favorite number would be 214, but I don’t really have a favorite! When I actually go to Vegas one day I should probably play this number and see if it turns out to be lucky.
  2. Headed to NYC for my bachelorette party and I cannot wait! The vibe is so good in NYC, there is so much to do and I always feel like the city sparks my creative energy!
  3. I have an irrational fear of going down escalators. It has actually gotten so bad I was in H&M the other day and could feel my leg shaking when I was trying to go down them. I usually can count to six and get on, but I counted to ten this time! Yes I count it helps calm me down or if I am with someone I make them hold my hand.
  4. I have a weird obsession with my teeth. I have permanent retainers and I also sleep with invisalign retainers every night. I still sometimes think my teeth aren’t straight enough and have seriously thought about getting invisalign to wear all day every day. They do say though as you age your teeth can shift, so I am convinced mine have! 
  5. I am getting married this year! We finally picked our date which is in the fall of 2019! We are SOO excited!!
  6. I have one sibling! She has been married for ten years and has two beautiful kids! My niece and nephew light up my world. It makes me so excited to have kids of my own someday!
  7. I can’t drink caffeine past 11:00 am otherwise I am up staring at the ceiling all night. There have been days that I have drank it into the afternoon and I have been up till 4am! 
  8. I have never had a can of pop in my life, even the smell grosses me out.
  9. Gum Chewers beware, if you talk to me and you are smacking your gum around your mouth you better believe I will shoot you a dirty look! Haha #petpeeve
  10. I love to organize closets. If I am ever having a day where my anxiety is really high organizing my closet by section and color helps to calm some of my nerves! Sometimes I really think about starting a business around that, because how fun would it be to organize closets and put together look books for my clients!
  11. The church we are getting married in, my Great Grandparents got married in 92 years ago!  
  12. If Rhys and I could eat meat, cheese and bread for the rest of our lives we probably would! We love having a night in making a Charcuterie board paired with some of our favorite red wine.
  13. Rhys (my fiancé) and I met at work! Scandalous, I know haha. 
  14. I hope to one day take this blog to be a full time career, whether it’s with the blog itself, opening an online/brick and mortar store or just building our brand!
  15. I am having a really hard time thinking about giving up my last name. #Mutingforever 
  16. I have a birthmark on my face called cafe au lait. Basically when I was born part of my skin that didn’t change colors. I have been insanely insecure about it for the last 31 years. I am trying to embrace it and trying to not care what other people think. I made a vow to myself to love the skin I am in, but sometimes it can be really hard! There’s no one in my life that can truly ever understand how I feel about it. 
  17. I hope to take up a new hobby this year, like photography!
  18. I could eat Pizza for ever meal. Rhys and I have been trying not to order in delivery to save money and be healthier, but I am definitely still finding creative ways to make pizza at home!
  19. My apps on my phone are color coordinated by page. I’ve had people tell me it’s a terrible way to organize my apps, but it works for me and sure does look pretty!
  20. I was grounded one year on my birthday for grades and I am sure my attitude, but my parents still took me and all my friends out for heart shaped pizzas. They never really grounded us much and obviously weren’t very good at it haha! 
  21. I bought my wedding dress at Viero Bridal. It’s everything I wanted in a dress and more. Plus almost everything there was within my budget and the construction and design of their dresses are spectacular! If you live in Chicago, New York or Las Vegas you must go there!
  22. We are planning on going to Asia for our honeymoon! Not exactly sure which parts yet, but we are slowly narrowing it down. If you have ever been and have some recommendations please send them my way!
  23. I have a serious chocolate addiction. My favorite candy is chocolate covered raisins!
  24. Before college, I never had Ranch Dressing.
  25. I used to be a crazy picky eater. If I had tacos I would have ground beef and a shell. No cheese, lettuce, tomatoes or other toppings. My family still thinks I am insanely picky eater and can’t get over the fact that I have tried a lot of new things. If I don’t like the way something looks or smells though I still can’t eat it!
  26. I prefer a window seat on a flight. My sister and I used to fight over it all the time growing up. My parents always took the aisles and we would have to switch off each way.
  27. Same with sleeping next to the bedside table in a hotel. Both my sister and I wanted and still want to sleep next to the bedside table in a hotel room if there are two beds. Wonder who will win that fight when we go on our next trip haha!
  28. Still at the age of 31 I like to have my closet closed when I sleep because I always think someone is lurking inside. I’m not joking!
  29. For those same reasons I do not like to sleep with my bedroom door open. Now that Rhys and I live together I can have the door open when I sleep, but when he is traveling that door is shut and locked!
  30. I am messy clothes wise, but I am not dirty! Rhys has a hard time understanding the difference haha.
  31. In my 30th year I was unemployed, I was depressed, I started a new job, I moved in with my boyfriend (now fiancé), we traveled and celebrated so many weddings and we got engaged and our planning our own wedding! There were some downs, but mainly lots of ups and I am really looking forward to what 31 has in store!

My wish for my birthday this year is for me to not only love the skin i’m in, but for all of you to do that as well. I think with the society we live in today there is so much constant pressure to be perfect.  We are all beautiful in our own way don’t ever forget that! Thank you for stopping by, for getting to me a little better and for all the love and wishes today!

Happy Valentines Day! Sending you lots of hugs and kisses xoxo

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  1. Steph wrote:

    #27 I win! I’m older! 😂

    Published 2.14.19
  2. Happy Birthday to you and your teeth are beautiful and so are you! I can’t believe you have never had a can of soda. Good for you! Have you ever had bubble water?

    Published 2.14.19
  3. Amber wrote:

    Sounds like 31 wont be too bad for you! So much to plan 🙂 . BTW, I have only eaten ranch once in my life so you arent totally weird. lol

    Published 2.15.19
  4. Lauren wrote:

    I absolutely love your list!! How amazing about the number 214! And congratulations on your engagement!

    Published 2.15.19
  5. Happy Birthday! Love those sunnies 🙂 how funny about the 214….that’s my area code LOL! Chocolate covered raisins are AMAZING and I too am a window seat girl! Hope this year treats you well!

    Published 2.15.19
  6. Corinne wrote:

    Happy belated birthday! Mine is 2/13! I kind of hate it being so close to Valentine’s Day (hubby feels twice the pressure to impress two days in a row lol), do you feel like that with your birthday ON Valentine’s Day?? 🙂

    Published 2.15.19
  7. julie wrote:

    I love your coat!!

    Published 2.18.19