2019 Vision Board

Hi friends!

Stacy here to share my 2019 vision board with you all. I realize we’re already into February, but hopefully this serves as a reminder that it is never too late to set goals for yourself! My 2019 vision board hangs over the “inspiration corner” of our home office. It’s not directly above my desk, but instead it’s just off to the right so I can glance over at it while I’m working, or move over to the smaller desk if I am working on a different project.

I began to outline my goals for my vision board in December. Goalsetting is easier for me if I break them up into categories. That way, instead of seeming like a long list of boxes to check off, I can plan them out in chunks. This makes it much easier for me when creating my action plan for these goals.

I have broken down my 2019 vision board goals for you in this post. Underneath each overarching category, you’ll find my individual goals. And then each has a short description or strategy. This way I can ensure I am taking the proper steps to crush my goals by the end of the year!

I’ll leave links to all of our “inspiration corner” home office stuff at the end of the post in case you’re just here to shop and not just read about the vision board goals.

Aright, without further ado, (in no particular order) here is my 2019 vision board!


Every year one of our goals is to travel as much as we can. In 2018 we went to Portland, Greece and Disney! This year we are really tightening the purse strings since I left my full-time job to pursue my entrepreneurial adventures. BUT we still put it on our vision board and hope to get to as many places as possible this year!

SOMEWHERE WITH PALM TREES: Haha this one is very vague. I just would love to go anywhere cheap for a long weekend to soak up some sunshine. The Winter blues really have a hold of me this year so I’d love to get some vitamin D!

NEW YORK: Maria’s Bachelorette party is in August in NYC and I really hope I will have the money to go!

CRUISIN’: Kyle and I are hoping to be able to take a romantical cruise this year in case we start planning for a baby soon. 😉

TEXAS: We really hope to take a road trip down to Texas to visit our good friends Gina and Alex this year!

ARIZONA: Some very important people in our lives are moving to Arizona and we think a visit to them is LONG overdue!


Kyle and I really try to eat mostly within the guidelines of Whole30. We both look and feel so much better when we aren’t eating processed foods, sugar, dairy or grains. It’s just what works for us! BUT during the end of 2018 we really indulged in everything and anything that was NOT the best for us. Haha So we definitely have some making up to do. Besides, what would a vision board be without the “new year, new me” stuff?!

MEAL PREP/PLAN: We are definitely better when we meal prep. This means going to the grocery store and planning two weeks’ worth of lunches and dinners. I even schedule them out into my Google Calendar so I know what’s on the menu each night.

WORKOUT: I think this is self-explanatory, but I’m committing to going to the gym each week!

EAT LESS MEAT: We are not going vegan, not even really vegetarian. We are just taking small steps to substitute some of the meat in each of our meals.

INDULGE WITHOUT GUILT: This is a big one for me. We are so used to “good” foods and “bad” foods that no wonder we cry when we have a cookie after dinner! This year I am going to focus on my health, while also allowing myself to indulge when I want without beating myself up over it afterwards.

*I am adding a photo of myself to this board from 2014 when I was at my fittest for inspiration. I used to use Victoria’s Secret models as my “thinspo” but I realize I can’t look like them. I can only look like a better version of myself! Stacy 2.0 if you will. So I will be making that version of Stacy my “goal weight”.


DATE NIGHTS: We get so caught up in the day to day and our routine that we don’t have as many proper date nights as we’d like. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending money. This can literally be playing a game together or watching a movie on the couch. Specific nights out of the month WITHOUT our cell phones and other distractions!

COMMUNICATE: We’re making an effort to really communicate with each other. Sometimes it’s easy to assume we know what one another is thinking or feeling and that’s not always the case.


CLEANING: I am normally not a very organized person. I blame my creative brain. But this year I have really started to create better cleaning habits daily. The “one touch rule” has been a huge factor in this. This is where you try to only touch items once. So when I take off my bra at the end of a long day, instead of throwing it on the floor, I put it right in the drawer or laundry basket. Only touching it once. It’s actually been sort of fun to adopt this method!

MAKE THE BED: Making the bed every day! This has been on and off, I’ll admit I have a hard time some mornings doing this before running out the door.

LAWN CARE: We aren’t very good lawn maintainers haha. So this Spring we are going to make more of an effort to tend to our lawn and landscaping. This includes scooping Noah’s poop more often!



GET OUT OF DEBT: I want to pay off all of my outstanding debt this year. Get outta debt and onto a jet! Haha We’ve set some personal financial goals and began budgeting for things like groceries which we never paid much mind to before.

DELIVERY & BARS: Kyle and I love to sit and rot at a bar together. We have some of the best conversations and it really is something we love to do together. BUT we spend a lot in doing so! We are cutting back on these as well as the number of times we order delivery in a month. (The meal planning/prep mentioned in the health section is really helping with this too!)

LOWER MONLTHY BILLS: We have already taken action on this by getting rid of cable. Then, last week we traded in our Acura ILX for a Honda CR-V! We have been wanting an SUV and this actually is saving us $150 per month in car payments and insurance! #winning


GROW PAGEVIEWS: Maria and I are still discussing our goals and plans for this year. We know for sure that growing our blog pageviews is at the top of the list!

GROW INSTAGRAM: Okay I put I want us to be 20k by the end of the year. I’m going to envision it every day and we’ll see if we can do it! We have a new content strategy we are starting to implement as well as an IG stories strategy. We vowed at the end of last year to always have at least one story slide per day and so far we’ve done it!

COLLABORATIONS: I’d love to get one collab in each month. Whether that’s a collab with a brand or with a fellow blogger I think it’s a great way to connect and grow our business.


STACY: Alright I’m going to keep this part short and will do another post covering my entrepreneurial endeavors separately. I left my full time job as a marketing manager in November. I have been freelancing while I start establishing my own business! I am both extremely excited and super nervous haha so I haven’t opened up about it just yet. When I officially launch, you’ll know!

KYLE: As for Kyle, he really loves photography and videography and is going to side hustle his way into the business while learning all there is to know! Stay tuned for more on that as well.

So there you have it, our 2019 vision board! As you can see we’ve got some lofty goals. But ya know what? I’d rather shoot for the moon and at least have the chance to land amongst the stars. Share your goals with us in the comments below!



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