My Take on How to Dress when the attire says Business Casual

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I believe no matter what event you have to dress for your personality should shine, even if it’s just with an accessory or lip color. Also, I think that attire or dress codes can be so subjective to where you work, the type of business/ industry you work in and where you live. You still need to look appropriate so don’t take the casual part too seriously. We don’t want you to show up to work in clothes you would wear out to the club or clothes that you would work out in. Basically you need to find your happy medium. Most of the time business casual doesn’t always just pertain to the types of clothes you wear but the tones as well. Focusing on more neutral tones, rather than vibrant ones. I am a neutral lover myself, so this part isn’t typically that hard for me. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with throwing some color or prints into an outfit!

What I find cringe worthy about any business attire are the stuffy outdated suits and pieces that people wear. There is no need to look drab, you still have some room to show off your personality while looking professional. At least in the technology industry that I work in, we have a little more room to be creative with what we wear. Again I think this varies widely and that’s why I think this topic is so subjective.

Wardrobe essentials for Business Casual:

A Blazer: Preferably black, especially if you are working within a budget. I believe Black Blazers are an essential regardless, it’s a piece every woman should have in their closets. Plus black blazers pair well with so many outfits. I love to wear a black blazer, blouse or t-shirt, jeans and heels out on a date night!

A pair of comfortable shoes: Whether these are heels, flats or ankle boots.  I don’t personally care for flats, because I don’t think they do anything for my body. Whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in, but let’s keep the ultra high heel at home! Also pay attention to the toe on your shoe as well as the back. Try to keep everything enclosed, so no open toe or sandals.

A blouse or button down: You can play with patterns here, choose a solid color or a classic stripe! I bet you already have a classic blouse or appropriate top that you could use to mix and match into your wardrobe.

A midi or knee length dress: It’s important to keep this appropriate. No one wants to see your booty when you bend over. Be aware of the fabrics you choose as well as the length. You don’t want something that’s going to cling or hug your body too much. Wrap and sheath dresses are a great option for business casual!

A tote bag: I always make sure I have one that fits my laptop! I have had the same one from Madewell for years. It was around $100 and I have definitely gotten my money worth.

The main goal here is that if you have to get a little more dressed for work, an event or an interview you always have these main essentials in your closet. This way you can pull an outfit together and you don’t have to worry about going shopping! Always remember to have a little fun with it

Power Suit:




Tote Bags:


I do think it’s important to not go as crazy with your makeup, especially if you selected a more vibrant blazer. Play with a toned down or matte red lip or stick to neutrals for your lip color. Keep your jewelry minimal and more classic. I find what you have the most room to play around with is the outfit itself!

Where I like to shop for business casual clothes:

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope to inspire you to add a little more flair to your business casual outfits! On Thursday it is my 31st Birthday as well as Valentine’s Day! Be on the lookout for 31 things about me!


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