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How I stacked up against my 2019 goals in January!

Happy February to my fellow Aquarians aka my Birthday month!

Can you believe that we are 5 weeks already into 2019? I can’t believe how fast time flies. Tonight I wanted to share with you guys where I am currently at for some of my 2019 goals that I shared with you in Life Update Chapter 4! I have never been one to do super well with long term goals, I need to focus on things usually month by month. That doesn’t mean I don’t have long term goals for my life or my career, they are just things that take obviously some more thought. I had mentioned in that previous post, that I wanted to share with you guys where I was at month by month. While I am sharing progress here, I am also going to add some other goals for this month and where I am currently at.

Here are my 2019 Goals and what I accomplished so far:

The first part is what my goals were and what is bulleted in bold text is how I have been working towards or completed that goal!

  • Dry January – With the Holidays and all the celebrations for our engagement I really just need a break from Alcohol. I am not a big drinker to begin with. But I felt like it has just been in excess over the last two months.
    • I am so so proud to say that I successfully got through the whole month without having a drink! I wouldn’t even let Rhys cook with wine. There were some days that I was so stressed that all I wanted to do was grab a bottle of wine and pour myself a glass. I found other ways to relieve my stress, like sketching! Something that I haven’t done in a really long time. I am so glad that I started doing this again!
  • Take a Photography class- whether its online or in a classroom. I am trying to get Rhys to do this with me too!
    • This is more of a yearly goal! I listen to this podcast by Sophia Amoruso the founder of Nasty Gal. She started a podcast called Girl Boss Radio focusing on women entreprenuers who are pushing the boundaries, it’s inspiring! During one of her commercials she mentioned this website called Skillshare. I had heard of it before, but never signed up. If you go to Skillshare.com/girlboss the first two months are only $0.99! The reason for bringing this up is, while I am sitting in front of my TV I am going to take some classes here and learn more about Photography! There are a range of classes on here that you can take for writing, design, business, illustration, technology etc.
  • Continue with a good skincare regime– I feel like within the last two months I have really gotten this down. Starting this week I will be going to Lustre Skin Care Boutique for my first round of facials with Jennifer (Check out our instagram stories). Hoping she can help me tackle some of my major concerns and we can get on a good track to get my skin in tip top shape for the wedding. I will also be sharing my progress!
    • Had my first appointment with Jennifer in January and today I went to my second appointment where we did a more aggressive chemical peel. Check back on our stories for my updates on my skin. I also wrote a blog post here about my first appointment with her! On top of going to see Jennifer I finally got my acne topical creams from my dermatologist which include a retinoid and onexton another topical. 
  • Try Workouts I have never tried before – Nothing like getting engaged to kick this into full gear! Starting this week I am trying my first Orange Theory Class. Pray for me.
    • I did it! I not only tried my first Orange Theory Class and survived, but I signed up for a 6 month membership! If you are an OTF member lets talk!
  • Post on the blog at least twice a week- Aside from trying to publish something every Thursday, I want to publish one additional day on here. Then gradually get to three times a week etc.
    • This I have failed on. I only posted 4 of the 8 times that I wanted, so that means I have another goal to strive for in the month of February. Tonight as I write this post I am going to work on one or two other posts, so I can start getting more in the que. Please share any posts you want us to write about as well! Let’s check back in March and see how I did in the month of February!
  • Be active on stories everyday -This is something Stacy and I both decided we wanted to work on for 2019. We want you guys to get to know us on a more personal level. As well as a little more insight into our day to day!
    • I feel like I have been really getting into this! I am really enjoying talking to you guys, getting more responses, being authentic, being silly and ultimately just being myself. If you follow us on instagram I hope that you have enjoyed getting more of a glimpse into my life!
  • Travel– It’s always in my list of goals. With planning a wedding i’m sure we won’t have much room to spend on traveling! I am going to New Orleans for work and that’s paid. Then we are headed to Charleston, SC for a friends wedding. Aside from those two things, I think we will be saving all of our money and points for our honeymoon!
    • This will always be a life goal, but in the month of January we booked New Orleans for Work, Charleston for a wedding and am in planning mode for my bachelorette party in NYC!

I feel like I crushed January and I am really proud of the things I set out to do and accomplished!

February 2019 Goals

  • Be active on stories everyday: This is going to continue throughout the year. While I am feeling more comfortable talking directly to the camera and even jumping around on my couch singing, I want to start sharing some more of the products I like and currently what I am shopping for spring! I am so over winter, so spring clothes are on my mind!
  • Continue with my Skincare regime: I know this is going to be something that takes a while and I need to be patient, but finding consistency in what I do at home and at my appointments. Trying to get that glowing skin for my wedding!
  • Post on the blog twice a week: Here we are with post number one, seven more to go. I will also be traveling one week so this will force me to work on these posts ahead of time!
  • Wedding Plans: This is going to be taking up a lot of my time in 2019! We finally set a date for this fall and I am so excited. I will get into all of the hoops we had to jump through to get this date in another post! This month we need to find a Photographer, Videographer, Makeup Artist and DJ!
  • Skillshare: SEO, Photography and Video are what I want to focus on first! My goal will be to take three classes this month! I will share with you what classes I enrolled in!
  • OOTD Photos: We asked and you guys voted to have more real life OOTD’s on our feed! The issue I have with this is the lighting in my apartment in the mornings, so I am going to have to plan this a little better to bring this to our feed. Stay tuned!
  • Orange Theory: To keep up with going 2x a week. I wanted to start out slowly and then see if I could handle going not only physically but mentally more than twice a week!

I think this is good for now. Realistically with the week I am in New Orleans and no me time after work that week, these are some good goals for me to focus on! On Monday I am going to share what I am shopping for and what is currently in my closet that Is consider Business Casual in my eyes. The reason I want to focus on this is because of my company meeting in NOLA!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will be back here Monday! Don’t forget to stop by and check out my picks!

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  1. Logan wrote:

    Oh my gosh, I am so happy to hear you signed up for Orangetheory! I started back in November and I’m absolutely obsessed. I literally recommend it to anyone who will listen. Keep on thriving girly!

    xo Logan

    Published 2.8.19