Finding ways to step away from Technology

Happy Thursday!

*Deep Breaths*  Wow the last two weeks have really been a struggle for me. Every morning that I get up I have to snooze my alarm at least three times and everynight I get home from work I have zero motivation. I don’t think of myself as a gym rat, but I haven’t been able to find the motivation this year to even go. I honestly haven’t had a good workout since the holidays. I feel absolutely exhausted. I have had a headache for a week straight and just feel insanely sluggish.

Work has been draining since the beginning of the new year. I have also opened up about my frustrations with wedding planning. I can just feel the stress and anxiety rising in my body every day. I can literally feel my body breaking down. The constant fatigue and exhaustion even after a solid night of sleep. My loss of appetite. Trembling of my hands and shortness of breath. If you’ve followed for a while or at least since last year, you know some of the things that I struggle with. If not, you can read all about it in Life Update Chapter 2!

I keep asking myself why do I have these constant headaches? Aside from my anxiety I can’t help but think that it’s from constant use of technology. All day long I sit and stare at a computer, then when I get home I am constantly on my phone. I am not a doctor or health professional but I think there are serious effects that technology has on our health. What I want to do moving forward is to set some realistic goals for myself. Finding ways to step away from technology this year is an important goal for me.

Technology Goals:

  • If you follow us on instagram you may have noticed that I started including some of my sketches on stories. For those of you that don’t know, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. By no means do I think my sketching is fantastic, but I definitely want to keep practicing and improve. I want to push myself creatively and this is a good start. I really felt a sense of relaxation when I put my mind to these sketches. Last night I didn’t look at my phone for three hours and it felt fantastic!
  • At work I obviously need to be on my computer to do my job, but one thing I try to do everyday is to step away from my devices at lunch. Whether that leads me to go outside and get some fresh air. To walk around target or to go eat lunch in the kitchen with my colleagues. I am finding at least one hour less of screen time that way.
  • On top of getting back into sketching, I would like to start sewing again. All of my equipment is  at my parents house because we don’t have room in our apartment, but I am going to plan to go there at least once a month to sew. Even if I just start from the basics! Whether I do it for two hours or eight hours. My goal is to sew an outfit I can wear for one of my wedding festivities!
  • A majority of what we do for Hashtags and Handbags is on our phones. When I get home from work I am going to try and put my phone away for an hour or two. That’s going to be my time to do something creative or read without any distractions.
  • Putting my phone away before bed. I am constantly looking at my screen right until I plug my phone in before I close my eyes. This has to be one of the worst habits I have. Goal is to put it down at least 30 minutes before I fall asleep!

I know that technology isn’t going away and I will never be able to live a life like my Grandparents, but I think it’s healthy for me to find some sense of balance. Is there anything that you do to find ways to step away from Technology? Would love for you to share! As always thank you for allowing me to open up and share what’s going on in my life! I appreciate you! 

*All Photography by: Hannah Schweiss*

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