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Happy Friday Eve!

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw my post about how this week is testing my patience. While I am ten days into dry January, I could really use a drink! Work has been insanely busy. Which is good to a point because it has made this week go by fast! We are in the thick of looking at wedding venues and which church we want to have our ceremony at. We have been looking for the last two weeks at venues and have finally narrowed it down to two places. There are so many beautiful venues in Chicago. You really have to pay attention to all the extra hidden costs some of these venues have and the crazy fees just to secure the space.

It’s so exciting that we narrowed it down to two places! Both of the venues are so different, so that makes it hard. One date is a Friday and another is a Saturday. One is located in a hotel that has so much history. Aside from the history the architecture is incredible and there is so much charm to the hotel. The other venue is owned by a family, with a mix of unique indoor and outdoor space. On top of trying to find a venue that works with our schedule we have a couple of other things to consider. I have two other girlfriends who have selected their dates next fall to get married. Which is so exciting, but we have to obviously pay attention to those dates. I have really popular girlfriends(haha) who I want to be in my wedding and they are in or attending a lot of weddings next fall.

Then the biggest roadblock is the church. We will be getting married in a Greek Church, but there are a lot of rules and fasting dates you have to abide by. Between Rhys and I we have talked to three different priests in the last week. I have learned so much about church hierarchy and what we need to do to get approval for these dates. Keeping my fingers crossed that we are allowed to get married on one of these two preferred days! I am starting to just dread wedding planning and I was really hoping some aspect of it will be fun!

On Sunday I am going dress shopping for the first time! I have been pinning, screenshotting and saving inspiration photos like crazy! My Mom, Yiayia, Grandma, Sister and niece will be joining me on Sunday. We have one trunk show scheduled Sunday for Pronovias. Saturday I am trying to get an appointment for another trunk show for designer Birenzweig. I am so nervous. I can be pretty indecisive and I know I am going to want to make sure I try on so many different styles before I make the decision. I will be shocked if I figure out what I like right away. When I have been searching for dresses there are some things that I know I don’t totally love. Charmeuse, Ball gowns, Satin/Silk and Strapless.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Charmeuse is not a forgiving fabric. I have hips and a booty, plus I want to be comfortable all night and not feeling like I have to suck in!
  • Ball gowns are too princessy for me and I feel would be so heavy to wear all night, especially for all the dancing I plan to do! I do like A line gowns though, a little toned down from a ball gown.
  • Satin/silk it’s a total texture thing. I never really liked working with it in design school and I couldn’t imagine wearing it all night. With that being said it’s a supportive fabric and works well on most body types!
  • Strapless simply for the reason that I do not want to pull my dress up all night. One of my biggest pet peeves at weddings if the dress isn’t altered properly and when the Bride is dancing holding her dress up. I want to wave my hands in the air, without a care in the world! Plus I want a neckline that is a little more unusual.

That’s all I have for tonight! Can’t wait to share with you more on my experience shopping for dresses and of course any recommendations I have! Make sure to follow our pinterest for all kinds of inspiration! From wedding inspo, to everyday fashion, places we would like to travel and yummy recipes!

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