Three ways to style a neck scarf

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I wanted to show everyone three ways that I wear neck scarves! I am obsessed with this trend. You can take any bag and add a little pizzaz with a scarf, update a basic white tee and when you’re feeling like a new hairstyle wrap one around your pony tail or bun. I am going to try and find more ways to incorporate this into my hair, but sometimes I am challenged in that department! Have fun with the colors and patterns you chose in your scarf as well. I would never wear a shirt in this pattern, but its a fun pop of color and print that’s a little out of my comfort zone!

As long is it takes you to put on jewelry you can add a neck scarf to any outfit! I usually am more of a neutral girl, but you can see that this fun print made a huge update to my basic leather jacket and black and white striped tee! Also, this is totally gender neutral guys can rock neck scarves as well! One of my favorite ways to style it is with all my purses. Everyday when I change my bag, I usually grab one of my scarves, tie it on and run out the door. It’s the easiest way to spice up a regular handbag and add an accessory to an outfit that you don’t even have to wear!

I have also seen some pictures where people tie them through their belt loops, that hasn’t worked for me or doesn’t really fit with my style, but its definitely a unique way to try! There are so many cute scarves out there at all different price points, but what I love about this trend is you can make it really affordable and still look really chic. That’s why I included a round up of ten of my favorites that are all under $30 for you to shop!

See how easy that was! The possibilities are endless and there are so many ways for you to get creative here! Are you intimidated to try this trend or are you ready to give it the ol’ college try?


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