“You can’t have a bad day in Polka Dots!”

Polka dots have been around since the mid 1920’s and have made their way back on the shelves with a feeling of nostalgia. Before they were actually coined with the name polka dots they were called Dotted- Swiss. Interestingly enough when Polka Dots first came on the scene it was because Miss America was photographed in a polka dot bathing suit. Minnie Mouse shortly after that was introduced in her red and white polka dot dress. Polka dots have made their way through designs at DIOR, inspired a Frank Sinatra song, Marilyn Monroe in her white and black polka dot bikini, I Love Lucy, The Royals and now quickly becoming one of my favorite patterns.

A lot of the times I get outfit inspiration from celebrities, history and movies. This outfit is inspired by one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman. Anyone remember when Julia Roberts wore the cutest brown and white polka dot dress to the Polo Match?

This pattern has been popping up everywhere and I have fallen in love this summer. I never thought I would be into this trend. Sometimes you get surprised by the things you are inspired by. Sharing one of my favorite two piece sets from Zara that I snagged this season. Along with some of my other favorites I am looking to add to my closet for fall!

Polka dots are great because they add a little fun to any outfit! Especially with this two piece set I am able to mix and match the top and bottoms.

Polka Dot Tops:

Polka Dot Dresses/ Jumpsuits:

Polka Dot Bottoms:

Packing this whole outfit for my trip to New York tomorrow, can’t wait to show you how I incorporate these items into my wardrobe this falll! Are you into the Polka Dot trend as much as I am? I hope my post inspires you to try something out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Whether its Polka dots or something else, its always fun to step out from what you normally wear and try something new!


*All Photography by Ali Stone

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