What I’m packing for NYC

What I’m planning to pack for NYC has started! This trip I am trying to plan ahead of time instead of going out shopping the night before! Rhys has never been to NYC and even though I have been to the city a couple times there are still so many things I want to see and do. We originally were headed to the Big Apple because Rhys’ cousin is getting married. Since we are going for that we figured that we would extend our trip. Plus his sister and cousin live in NYC too! I have an ever growing list of restaurants, shopping, bars, museums etc I want to go to, but Rhys has two things on his agenda: Comedy shows and where to get the best deli sandwiches haha. Makes my life easier!

When it comes to shopping for clothes I am trying to find things that are stylish, yet comfortable to be walking around all day in aka how many outfits can I wear with my Cole Haan sneakers.  Shopping for “going out clothes” is something I also struggle with in Chicago. I don’t really go out because I am more of a home body.  If I am going to be going out four nights in New York what the heck do I wear? Any New Yorkers that read this please feel free to chime in! Going to share all the things that I currently have my eye on and some outfit Ideas I have.

For the first two nights we are staying in Williamsburg proper and will have the rehearsal dinner and wedding. The wedding attire is farm chic. I have never attended a wedding that called for that attire so I figured I would wear a little upgraded version of a sun dress and definitely some block heels so my shoes don’t sink into the grass!

Farm Chic Wedding Guest:

From Day to Night:

Day: Black and White Gingham Skirt + Graphic Tee + Belt Bag + White Sneakers

Night: Black and White Gingham Skirt + Black Body Suit + Black Handbag + Lucite Heels


Night Out:

Black Blazer + Black Body Suit/Lace Cami  + Cropped Flair Jeans + Lucite Heels + Leopard or Beaded Mesh Shopper

Neutral items that I can mix and match:

All Items above that don’t contain shoppable links: 

The cutest faux leather shorts you’ve ever seen, paired with an easy blazer that you can also work in with jeans or over a dress.  This jumpsuit is a perfect transition piece from day to night. Pair it with sneakers, a hat and a sweatshirt for when the temps drop and cute heels, earrings and funky clutch for night. The beaded mesh shopper bag is also a great transition piece from day to night and season to season. The belt bag works perfectly when you are in a big city and want to free your hands plus there are so many ways you can wear it. Through your belt loops, across your body, on your hips or belted over a jacket or dress to cinch in your waist. The tortoise clutch is a perfect updated version of your regular black clutch and best of all it wont break the bank!


Blazers and Jackets:

Bodysuits and Tanks:

Denim and Pants:

Hats and Handbags:

Tops and Tees:


It’s so fun to plan outfits and to get a little out of my comfort zone! After our most recent trip to California I was appalled by all the things I packed that I didn’t even wear. It was such a waste of space, weight and I need to just try and keep it more simple. Less Shoes, more pieces I can mix and match to make different outfits and how I can transition pieces from day to night. Can’t wait to share all my outfits and our travels with you!

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