Stop Being Late

Hey babes!

I have an important message for you today– stop being late. (If you’re just here for the #ootd then just keep scrolling!) I have been feeling so stuck the last few weeks and it is DIRECTLY related to me being late for literally everything in life. I wanted to share with you guys my realization, along with my tips for how to stop being late!

There is always one point or another in everyone’s lives they just feel stuck. Ya know, where you feel like every day is Groundhog Day? That’s where I’ve been lately, stuck in a rut. My days all seemed to follow this same struggle-city pattern EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  • Wake up (late).
  • Realize you missed your workout alarm.
  • Shower (but don’t blow-dry your hair because you’re late).
  • Throw on whatever is readily available (because you’re running too late to actually make an outfit).
  • Do your makeup at the stop lights (because you can’t possibly be any later).
  • Get to work (late).
  • Buy lunch out (because you woke up too late to make one at home).
  • Stay past 5 at the office (which you should because you were late).
  • Drive home late (without going to kickboxing because you were running too late to pack gym clothes).
  • Order something overpriced and unhealthy for dinner (because you didn’t thaw anything the night before).
  • Stay up far too late (mostly watching mindless television).
  • Finally fall asleep (with not enough time to get even 5 hours of sleep, let alone 8).

It wasn’t until I started to write this post that I realized the common denominator here. The one word that seems to weasel its way into every step of my day- LATE. LATE LATE LATE. Waking up late, being late for work, getting home late, going to bed late etc.

So I’m putting this in writing, hoping that it will give me some accountability. I’ve got to get my shit together and I’m betting there are some of you out there who do too! So here is my plan to take the “late” out of my life, because admitting all of these things does nothing if I don’t take action to fix it.

How to Stop Being Late:

  1. Pack your lunch and your gym clothes at night. No excuses.
  2. Put your work outfit together at night as well. That includes steaming shirts! I’m going to try and lay out my entire weeks’ worth on a clothing rack every Sunday.
  3. Take tomorrow’s dinner out of the freezer the night before.
  4. Make a bedtime. Yes. As if you were a child and your parents MADE you go to your room at a certain time. Go to your room at your bedtime.
  5. Plug in your phone to charge across the room and not on your night stand. Facebook can wait. Instagram can wait. Those posts aren’t going anywhere (especially now that nothing is chronological anymore) HAHA.
  6. Wake up to your first (and only) alarm. I am notorious for setting literally 5 alarms to wake me up. Don’t give yourself the choice. Get out of bed, turn off your alarm and stay out of bed.
  7. Plan 15 extra minutes to get ready. If it normally takes you 30, plan 45. If it takes you an hour, plan an hour and fifteen. That way if something happens and you start to run late, you can still be on time!
  8. If you end up having to put your makeup on in the car at stoplights, you just simply do NOT get to wear makeup that day, Stacy. It’s dangerous. Please stop.

Seems like a lot to change. But really it’s just a giant snowball effect. Do the first like 4 things right by prepping for your day the night before and going to bed early. You will end up getting enough sleep so that you won’t wake up late and one glorious thing will lead to another.

Alright, who’s with me?? Who else is going to try to eliminate LATE from their lives?! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for me!

8 Easy Steps to Help You Stop Being Late!


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