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Spring/Summer 2018 Hatspiration!

Hey babes!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today, I’m coming at you with some serious hatspiration! Every fashion season there are at least a few main hat trends, and I feel like the spring/summer 2018 hat trends include more styles than usual!

Hats were all over the runway in different styles, textures and sizes so there is a TON of room for interpretation and finding a hat that really fits within your personal style.

I am forever in love with this hat from Nordstrom. It is perfect for fall/winter, but can easily transition into the Spring. I was always one of those people that said things like “I just can’t pull off a hat” and then EVERY time I would muster up the courage to wear one I would get compliments or people asking where I got it. So I decided to embrace hats of all kinds, find the ones that I liked best and then just rock the crap out of it! I truly believe that everyone looks good in hats, they just have to find the right shape or style, and then more importantly they have to find the confidence to wear it!

This Spring/Summer I encourage you all to find your hatspiration and then add a hat or two to your wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite trends for Spring/Summer!

Wide Brimmed // Fedora // Panama Style Hats

Just like the one I’m wearing in these photos, these hats are fun and versatile. They can either pull retro, western or panama vibes and honestly I love them in all different ways!

Straw Hats // Beach Hats

Not sure if straw hats really ever go out of style for the beach or vacations? But this Spring/Summer they are runway approved to wear in the city too! Here are some of my faves!

Boater Hats

These are so fun! I’m still searching for my courage, because I LOVED seeing these on the runway, but haven’t taken the leap to buy one yet!

Baker Boy // Captain’s Hat

These were a Fall/Winter trend and luckily are here to stay through the warmer months too! I love it when that happens, especially after I’ve already bought into a trend and can continue to wear the pieces!

Baseball Caps

Another style I don’t think ever goes away! Super thankful for a good baseball cap on a 4th dry-shampoo kind of day! Haha

Bucket Hats

Okay for me these are a true blast from the past! Haha What do you guys think of bucket hats?!


Berets are here to stay right alongside the baker boy hats! Both are a fun hat style that came about last Fall and are here to stay through SS18!

Well babes I hope that provided you with enough hatspiration to get at least ONE style into your shopping cart! And I don’t want to hear “I don’t look good in hats” because the reality is that you DO look good in hats! You’re just either not used to seeing yourself in one, or you are lacking in some hat confidence!! Either way I urge you to give one of these styles a try this year- you won’t regret it and you’ll probably get a lot more compliments than you ever thought you would! #justdoyouboo

*Photos by Ali Stone of Those White Walls

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  1. Kacie wrote:

    Not sure that I love the bucket hat trend but I love the other styles! A hat is such a fun way to add a touch of self expression to any outfit! Thanks for sharing

    Published 3.26.18
  2. Stevie wrote:

    Love this post! I am also one of those people that would say I couldn’t pull off a hat. Last year I started wearing baseball hats in the Summer and I realized they’re great for bad hair days. Now, I’m looking to incorporate the fedora into my wardrobe this year. Thanks for the inspiration! You look lovely in these photos!

    Published 3.26.18