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Travel Guide – Palm Springs, California

After a fabulous weekend of standing by my best friend Kristie’s side in her wedding, it was time on Labor Day for Rhys and I to head to California for our own adventure before another wedding in Santa Barbara. Our first stop was Palm Springs, California.

On Monday we flew into LAX and landed in the early morning, picked up our car and hit the road to Palm Springs. Half way to Palm Springs we were starving because we had been up for 8 hours without a meal. A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without a stop at In-N-out burger, even if it was at 10:30am.

After out stop at In-N-Out we stumbled upon quite possibly one of the nicest outlet malls I have ever been too, Cabezon Oulets. If only I had the energy to actually shop, I think I would have done some damage here!

Before our trip we both planned to log a lot of pool time in Palm Springs, but after the first day and hour by the pool we quickly learned that the desert heat was no joke and we couldn’t make it in the sun or enjoy ourselves for very long.We were staying with Rhys Aunt and Uncle and the first night they prepared us a delicious home cooked meal! By 7pm my eyes were heavy, my body was dragging and as soon I laid down I was fast asleep!

On Tuesday for lunch we went to the Colony Palms Hotel and had lunch at their new restaurant The Purple Palm. The Colony Palms Hotel is unique boutique hotel and spa in the center of Palm Springs. His Uncle is full of knowledge of Palm Springs so after lunch gave us his own version of a guided tour!

Fun Facts I learned about Palm Springs: 

  • The reason that celebrities first started coming to the area was because in their contracts they were told they couldn’t be more than two hours away from the studio at any time becoming a favorite destination for celebrities.
  • All of the street were named after various celebrities: Bob Hope, Gerald Ford, Dinah Shore, Gene Autry etc.
  • Even though Palm Springs is in the desert they are the only part of California to not be affected by the drought because they get their water supply from Coachella Valley.
  • We visited in the month of September so businesses were starting to open back up. In the month of August a lot of businesses close down because the area is not busy.
  • Peak season in Palm Springs is from November- April. This is where a lot of families spend the holidays.
  • Greater Palm Springs has more than 160 golf courses!

After a busy afternoon tour around Palm Springs, Rhys and I headed out on our own to explore some of the boutique hotels in the area. First stop The Parker Palm Springs. I really want to take a trip next time with my mom and sister and stay here! I was obsessed with the midcentury architecture and all the decor inside the lobby and bar. I feel like The Parker quintessential Palm Springs . The Kardashians went there in an episode (yes I watch that show, guilty pleasure!), I have had friends go there and I think its just an iconic well known boutique hotel in the area. Rhys and I went there and had some pricey drinks, don’t go there if you don’t want to spend $20 on a drink! Then onto the Saguaro for dinner and more drinks! The Saguaro is another vibrant and colorful boutique hotel in Coachella valley. If you haven’t caught on yet from this post, there are mostly boutique hotels in Palm Springs. Which I LOVE it adds to the charm of the city

On Wednesday we got up early in the morning and before we headed to the Palm Springs Area Tramway, the worlds largest rotating tram car we had to make a pit stop at #thatpinkdoor. Who else has seen this iconic door all over Instagram?

Tip: If you ever do visit, be mindful that this is someones home. Respect their privacy and snap your pictures quickly!

I knew that I was going to be nervous traveling up 8,500 meters, but I wasn’t prepared that during our ten-minute journey, the floor of the tram was going to rotate. While it offered amazing views to the other 80 passengers that were traveling with us, I 90% of the time was looking down and in my hat. We were not prepared with our attire, I didn’t even think about hiking once we got up there, but there are so many hiking trails, so come prepared if that interests you!

The views of Coachella Valley were breathtaking and once made it up there, I didn’t have as much of a problem looking down. On the way down in the tram I also knew what to expect and there were only about eight other passengers with us. Feeling less claustrophobic and more at ease, I was able to take in the spectacular views of Mt. San Jacinto State Park.

Tips and facts that I learned (You can visit the website for more FAQ): 

  • The tramway is closed for annual maintenance from September 11, 2017, to September 29, 2017, for annual maintenance. If you are planning to go in the month of September make surety check before you go.
  • You can buy your tickets online or at the park.
  • There is no air conditioning in the tram, but the windows are open.
  • The weather was like 30 degrees cooler than the desert.
  • There were two restaurants, observation decks and trails at the top.
  • Come prepared with either gym shoes or hiking boots not platforms like me haha

After our beautiful day in the mountains, we headed back to log a little more pool time and to meet for drinks and appetizers at the Tommy Bahama restaurant.The restaurant had such an easy breezy vibe. After drinks Rhys and I went to the J.W Marriott in Desert Springs. Fun fact if you every watched Saved By the Bell this Marriott was where Jesse’s dad got married! 

Thursday we had breakfast and hit the road for our day in Malibu! Be on the lookout for a travel guide on spending a day in Malibu, California!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading our guide to Palm Springs! I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Christina wrote:

    I’ve never been to Palm Springs but your post is making me want to book a ticket right now! Loved all of the fun facts, I had no idea it was such a hot spot for celebs!

    Published 9.19.17
  2. First off, You’re ridiculously adorable and I NEED that denim skirt. I’ve been dying to go to Palm Springs and this post just made me die even more haha Loving all the photos so much!!

    Published 9.19.17
  3. Marcie wrote:

    In-N-Out is always our first stop, too! So yummy and a great tradition!

    Published 9.19.17
  4. Melanie wrote:

    I would love to visit Palm Springs! And it’s good to know about all the trails at the top of the tramway. I am all about a good hike and would have been sad to not be prepared. Thanks!
    Also, how was “All the Missing Girls”?! Been thinking about adding it to my read list!

    Published 9.19.17
  5. Amy Lu wrote:

    It sounds like you had such a great trip. I hope to visit in the future and will have to try some of your recommendations.

    Published 9.20.17