Summer Trend: High-Waisted Shorts

We are half way through the week! Stacy is traveling back from the most magical place on Earth, Disneyworld and I have been so jealous of her whole trip! But I am gearing up for a vacation of my own to California! I am in a wedding this weekend for one of my best friends and two days later Rhys and I leave for Palm Springs and Santa Barbra for another wedding. I have been to California so many times, but I haven’t been to either of those areas so I am pumped to explore as well as take the scenic drive up Highway 1.

These shorts from Urban Outfitters and this Kimono from Topshop are going to be packed in my bag for vacay! Stacy even bought these shorts for her trip to Florida because they are so flattering. I remember the days when I was buying shorts where my bum was out and now I strictly look for items that are more conservative. Isn’t it funny how your style changes with age, even just how a couple years can make a difference?

I know flat forms/ platforms whatever you would like to call them aren’t for everyone, but I literally feel like I am walking on air when I wear these. Plus I’m 5’3 and I love to wear shoes that elongate my short legs.

These shorts come in a light denim wash as well as black, I think I am about the hit the checkout button on the black ones as well. I have only had these shorts for about two months and I have probably worn them 15+ times. Denim is quite possibly my least favorite thing to shop for and denim shorts are the worst! I always feel like the material is stuck to my legs and I have to keep getting bigger sizes, but then the waist is too big. I leave the dressing room feeling very discouraged wondering why brands can’t appeal to girls who aren’t stick skinny! The time is now to join in on the Mom jean trend with Stacy and me!

I bought these shoes a couple of months ago from Zara, so they are no longer available but I have included some of my favorite metallic flatforms below!

Favorite Metallic flatforms at the moment

 I put together a look book of a couple of my outfits I am packing for Palm Springs!

Thanks for stopping by, share with us how you are spending your Labor day weekend!

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