Whitewater Jumpsuit – Paper Crown

Happy Monday! For the first time in a while I am not feeling the Monday blues! Most likely due to the fact that I took the day off to bounce around the city with my mom, sister, niece and nephew! I am pumped to finally share this Paper Crown Jumpsuit with all of you! I have been eyeing pieces from Paper Crown’s collection for a while and I absolutely fell in love with this print. If you love this print but jumpsuits aren’t your thing keep scrolling I have good news in store!

In our most recent blog post Stacy talked about our love for jumpsuits, “Both Maria and I love a good jumpsuit. Maybe it’s because they are chic, maybe it’s because there is a jumpsuit for every occasion, or maybe it’s because you don’t have to pick out a top and bottoms that look good together? I’m going to have to say that is my #1 reason for choosing jumpsuits. They are truly effortless.” If you haven’t seen this post, check it out because it features a $19 jumpsuit!

My obsession really is out of control. They are the perfect alternative to a dress. The same way I feel about skorts to skirts is how I feel about jumpsuits to dresses. Constantly I feel like my booty is going to show to the world with one swift breeze and with jumpsuits I don’t have to worry about constantly pulling my dress down! 

The first time I saw this jumpsuit was on Lauren Conrad. She wore it to the 2016 Veuve Clicquot Polo Match, she posted about it on Laurenconrad.com and I have been in love ever since! When I finally saw it online at Anthropologie, it was jumpsuit fate. Lauren always looks so chic and effortless (keyword) and thats exactly what I want to achieve not only in the clothes I wear everyday, but when I have to get dressed up! Who wants to be uncomfortable? I know I don’t and thats why this jumpsuit works for so many occasions! I wore this to a bridal shower and I received so many compliments!

This print is on many different pieces on Paper Crown’s Website! It comes in all styles Tea length, Maxi, Jumpsuit and midi! These styles are perfect for a wedding, event, work, cocktail party, bridal shower, garden party etc! PLUS most of them are on sale! Double plus we were so excited that our photo was featured on Paper Crowns Instagram Check it out here!















Thanks for stopping by! Hope every has a wonderful week ahead!

*All Photography by Ali Stone*

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