Condado Beach

Happy Tuesday! I am so confused on the days. After being off work for over a week and having a three day weekend I just got really excited thinking about how I only have to wake up for work three more days this week. Rhys and I had the best time in Puerto Rico and its so high on my list for recommendations! We got back this weekend so it was nice to kind of unwind before the work week started again. Two of my college friends were in town this weekend so instead of the relaxing I thought I would do on saturday, I went out too late and paid for it all day sunday haha. It was well worth it! Anytime my college friends get together its like time has never passed and our lives haven’t changed. One of my guy friends Evan told us how lucky we were that we were all still friends and that we are like his second family. It was so sweet and its so true, I don’t know a lot of people who really stay close to the groups of friends let alone guy friends they had in college. We really are the luckiest!

Anyways, I will be reviewing a bunch of our favorite spots from our trip to Puerto Rico, but just wanted to share some pictures from our day on the beach! Rhys and I are not huge fans of the beach, but there was a little stretch of beach on our hotel property and no one occupying it so it was nice to have our own space and time down there. A little back story on me as a kid. Anytime we went to the beach as a family, I always complained about the sand on my feet. I HATED (still don’t love) when I would go into the water and then all the sand would get stuck to my feet. So I would make my family carry me from the water to the towel and place me strategically so I wouldn’t get any sand stuck to my feet haha. Apparently I was having Diva moments at the age of six and when I asked Rhys if he would do that for me, I got shut down REAL fast! Before we left Chicago we kept checking the weather and there seemed to be rain in the forecast almost every day. We were really bummed but man we were very fortunate our whole time there, just look at how beautiful this day was!!

Rhys was really excited to smoke cigars in Puerto Rico. My manager actually just got back from Cuba and brought our whole team back cuban cigars, so the first night Rhys and I sat on the veranda at the hotel which overlooked this beach and he smoked that cigar. It came in a really pretty wooden case too!

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Thanks for reading, can’t wait to share more spots from our Vacay!

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