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Love is a Delight


Love is a delight Mural is so cute, when Meredith and I were scouting spots to take pictures this day at every mural we stopped there was a couple behind us waiting to take engagement pictures. This was a perfect photo op for them!

Let’s talk about the artist from this mural here. Yes I love finding this art all across the city but I really love to learn about the artists behind them. Chema was hired back in 2012 to create this wall. He was quoted saying “This mural is all about love. It’s related to the struggle between lovers.”

“Skandal began pursuing his passion as an illustrator and graphic designer after graduating from college in 2006. Since then, he’s been involved in projects local and abroad. His biggest mural can be found in Toulouse, France where he stayed as an artist in residence.”

Artist: Chema Skandal // Instagram: Chemaskandal

Photo Cred: Meredith Hess

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  1. Absolutely love it! Your dress is so cute! Love the color xo

    Published 9.6.16