Chicago Botanic Garden

“The Chicago Botanic Garden opened more than 40 years ago as a beautiful place to visit, and it has matured into one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers. In 2014, more than one million people visited the Garden’s 26 gardens and four natural areas, uniquely situated on 385 acres on and around nine islands, with six miles of lake shoreline. The Garden also has a renowned Bonsai Collection.”

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places just 40 minutes north of Chicago. I was in awe after every corner that I turned, it honestly took my breath away. I wish that I could have spent more than a couple hours, but I am absolutely going back. It is seriously a breath taking place to walk around and reflect on life.

The grounds are so expansive that unfortunately we didn’t have the time to take in every part of this beautiful place, but I was really drawn to the Japanese Gardens. Across the lake, is the inaccessible island Horaijima (Island of Everlasting Happiness) is symbolic of paradise. You can see its beauty is untouched and exclusive.

cb9cb18cb16Photo Cred: Meredith Hess

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