Chicago Wedding Vendors

Happy Wedding Wednesday! A long overdue post but I wanted to share a list of the wonderful wedding vendors that we used for our Chicago wedding. I have a little story for most of them that made them even more…

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Gift Guide: Athena’s Favorite Things

Athena’s first gift guide! Since the holidays are approaching I thought I’d share Athena’s favorite things she has been using over the last four months. I know gift guides can be overwhelming so I am really just sharing what we…

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Postpartum: The Fourth Trimester

For nine months you are going to doctor appointments monthly, then weekly after you hit 36 weeks. Not only are your doctors heavily watching, but everyone around you is asking how you are feeling. You have the baby and all…

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7.20.21 4

Athena Amalia

Birth Story As July 4th approached, I wasn’t showing any signs that labor was near. At my 39 week appointment, we decided it would be best to schedule an induction. There wasn’t a medical reason, and I still felt terrific,…

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GRWM: Full Face of Urban Decay Cosmetics!

Get ready with me! Getting ready for date night with a full face of Urban Decay Cosmetics. Featuring Urban Decay’s new Stay Naked Collection.

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Wedding Ready at the Swissotel

Over the last couple of years, we have built a close relationship with the wonderful people at the Swissotel in Chicago. When I was looking for places to get ready for my wedding and for a hotel stay for my…

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12.4.19 2

Travel Guide: Singapore

Singapore The cleanest city, state that I have ever traveled to. The island is made up of a diverse range of cultures. Malays, Indian, Chinese and Peranakan people. Malay is the national language spoken, but people here also are fluent…

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What to bring on an International Flight

Making sure that you bring items that comfort you on an international flight is important. As we are leaving today for the longest trip of our lives, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post! Thinking about being…

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Travel Guide: Napa/ Sonoma

Happy Thursday!  I wanted to share with you our Napa/Sonoma Travel guide! Rhys and I recently (#rhysently funny inside joke) just got back from wine country for our Mini Moon. How to Spend three days in Napa:  We flew direct from…

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Wedding Etiquette 101

About two weeks ago I posted a story on Instagram about Wedding Etiquette 101. As we have been planning our wedding for the last eight months, there really hasn’t been anything anyone has done that has totally shocked me. That…

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