What To Buy From H&M This Fall

We have been #blessed with some absolutely beautiful weather these past few weeks in Chicago. The days feel like summer and the temperatures are starting to drop at night, getting us very excited for Fall! What makes fall so exciting…

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Wear to Work Pieces- Under $50

Hi friends! Comin’ at ya with a quick round-up of some of my favorite wear to work pieces under $50 bucks! I always feel the best at work when I like what I’m wearing. As cliche or maybe even superficial…

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Travel Guide: Brooklyn, NY

I am breaking up my New York guides by the Boroughs I visited! Today I wanted to share with you how we spent Labor day weekend in Brooklyn. We flew into New York the weekend of Labor Day for Rhys’…

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9.11.18 4

9/11 A day we will never forget

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” —Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl Words can’t even begin to describe the feeling that comes…

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8.28.18 10


Hi friends! Today we want to share with you a review of the beautiful Swissotel Chicago hotel. Maria and I have both been to the Swissotel in the past, and we have attended a few events hosted by them as…

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Fun Facts: About Maria

Hi there! Two weeks ago Stacy published a Fun Facts: About Stacy post and I thought it was so fun for all of our new followers/readers/friends to get to know us better! This week I am taking a note out…

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10+ Summer Shorts On Sale Right Now!

Hi friends! Today I want to share with you 10+ summer shorts on sale right now! Fall is right around the corner and soon we will be all wrapped in long cardigans, leggings and boots. BUT there is still some warm…

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8.16.18 7

How do you find time for yourself?

If you follow us on Instagram, on Tuesday I talked about how it important it is to take time for yourself! Whether its 30 minutes everyday, a whole day or multiple days. It helps to give your life a balance…

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What I’m packing for NYC

What I’m planning to pack for NYC has started! This trip I am trying to plan ahead of time instead of going out shopping the night before! Rhys has never been to NYC and even though I have been to…

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