Life Update Chapter 3!


Almost a year ago I shared Life Update Chapter 1 with all of you! It was really hard to open up emotionally, but I am so glad I did it because I received so much positive feedback on the blog, on our feed and even friends directly reaching out. I think that’s when I really fell in love with the connection you are able to make with others through your words and through this crazy world of social media.Fast Forward six months later and it was a little easier for me to open up, but the topic that I discussed was hard to talk about. If you want to catch up on my Life Update Chapter 1 and 2, to gain some context into what I am talking about you can check them out here and here. Here we are 11 months later to update you guys again with some amazing and challenging things that have been going in. We left off with “What’s Next!”, so I guess its time to fill you in!

Since Chapter 2:

Let’s pick up where we left off! The month of May was crazy, I started a new job and Rhys and I moved into together. While both of those things are so exciting, they are both two very stressful events to happen at once. Not only did I have to adjust to a new job, but a new living situation with a BOY! I have had roommates all my life if you consider parents or siblings roommates haha and I can own that I am having a very hard time compromising. I like things in certain places, I like the the cabinets to be closed, I like to eat certain things and I cannot have snacks in my home because I have no self-control. On the other hand I am so messy with my clothes, but before it didn’t matter if my room had clothes all over it because it was just mine. Now I have to share that with someone else and that’s difficult. There are lots of challenges, but so many more positives. I love that I get to see Rhys every single day and we are able to take our relationship a big step forward. We are little by little making our apartment, our first home together!

Along with the move I talked about my new job. It was my third week at the new gig, things were running smoothly and one day, a meeting gets put on everyone’s the calendar that says “Cancel all your existing customer meetings this meeting is mandatory!” Ugh oh what is about to go down! So many questions were running through my head. Who is leaving? Is the company folding? What is happening?! We come to find out in this meeting that our small start-up company of about fifty employees was going to be a acquired by a Belgium company. Cue more emotions!  Am I going to lose my job? What does this mean for our company, will they let us go slowly? Omg, I cannot look for another job I just spent six months finding this one ugh! Rest assured lots of sleepless nights, great conversations and here we are four months later and our two companies that are based in Chicago have merged into a brand-new beautiful office together. There have been lots of changes personally and professionally along with challenges, but everything is falling into place!

“Change can be scary,

but you know what’s scarier?

Allowing Fear to stop you from growing,

evolving and progressing!”

On top of the move and new job, Rhys and I made our way around the states for the Wedding and Vacation Tour of 2018. Before we started the wedding tour, I headed to Disney World with my family for a week and Rhys was able to join us for a couple days. This trip came in the middle of this acquisition so it was stressful to leave my new job not knowing what I was going to come back to, but it was also the perfect time to be with my family and enjoy the most magical place on earth!

To kick off the summer of weddings we started in the Northern suburbs of Chicago for my friends Alyssa and Mikes wedding. I’ve known Alyssa since we were tiny little kiddos running around the softball field in elementary school. A couple weeks later we hopped in the car and headed to Michigan for my Best Friend Amy’s wedding to her love Bryant. This one was extra special for me because I had the honor of standing by her side, as her and Bryant tied the knot. Two weeks later we flew to the beautiful Santa Barbara, CA for Rhys’ cousin Kate’s wedding. Kate and Michael and their wedding looked like it was picked right out of a magazine, everything was picture perfect! A lot of Rhys’ family lives all spread out across the US, so this was special for me because I was able to spend time with people we don’t see very often. In the month of August, we had a little wedding break, but come Labor day we had our last summer wedding in New York City. Rhys had never been to the city before so we spent a couple extra days exploring, as well as celebrating his cousins wedding! Do you think we have had enough? Not yet! I have one more wedding in Chicago this weekend and then next weekend we are headed to Madison, WI to close our Wedding Tour of 2018.

I guess the theme of today’s post is change. Not only for me, but for a lot of people in my life. It’s also a change and i’m sure challenging for Rhys to live with me! It’s a major change for all our friends and family members that got married this summer, but there are so many reasons why change is good! Change gives you the experience to grow, it adds some adventure to your life and it opens up so many opportunities!

What’s Next:

It’s been almost a year since I started opening up on here more and I can’t wait to continue updating all of you on all of my life updates! While all the summer craziness was going on, I was also working a side job at a store, plus trying to focus on our blog. I found that I didn’t really have a lot of time for myself and I really needed to take a step back. I decided that while working this extra job was nice to have a little extra pocket cash, I wanted to free up some time not only for myself, but to dedicate more time to this platform that means so much to me. So be on the lookout for more from me here on our blog and all of our other social platforms! Every Thursday I will be here with a blog post and some other ones posted in between. Can’t wait to share Chapter 4 before the end of the year! Thanks again for all your love and support! 

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