Holy Grail Hair Products: Voluminous Curls

Hi friends!

For anyone who missed my Instagram story this weekend, I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF! Eek! I haven’t had short hair for over 10 years so it feels really weird. So far though I have to say I’m LOVING it.

With my new short hair, will come new hairstyles, techniques and products used. So I wanted to first give you guys my go-to products for volume and curls when I had long hair! Some of these products are so good and might work just as well for my short hairstyles, but I will keep you guys posted on that.

Without further ado here are my holy grail products for voluminous curls! A lot of these products are from the same company or two, but no this post is not sponsored.

Holy Grail hair products for voluminous curly hair!


I start with the world’s greatest and best smelling shampoo, “MELU” shampoo by Davines. (pronounced DA-VI-NESS). It is an anti-breakage shampoo specifically for long damaged hair. I think it has done WONDERS for my hair, and even after trying a few other of their shampoos I keep going back to this one.

Next up is “Curl Nourish” conditioner by Garnier Fructis. I know this is not a “salon quality” conditioner but I just have to admit I really love it! It is paraben-free and has coconut, jojoba and macadamia oils and is marketed to give you “defined, frizz-resistant curls”. Honestly that’s exactly why I love it. I initially bought this for days that I would be letting my hair air dry and do it’s naturally wavey thing. BUT I soon discovered that it really helped with frizz on the days I was styling my hair with heat too!


Okay next product used is a leave in conditioner/heat protectant/detangler by Beauty Protector. My sister Amy actually had a sample of this in her BirchBox and I tried it once and was HOOKED. Much like the shampoo, the smell alone is worth spritzing it. I lightly spray this onto my ends after showering and wait a few minutes before trying to brush through. It makes brushing the hair a dream, and sets you up to blow-dry with it’s heat protecting elements.


Now it’s time to get that volume girl! After brushing the leav-in-conditioner through my hair, I grab my “Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse” by drybar. This is a foam product that I put in my roots. Now at first I was SUPER shy with this, only using a very tiny amount. I was afraid it would make my thin/fine hair greasy if I used too much. I wasn’t really getting the volume I had hoped for, so I began to apply a “generous dollop” like the bottle directs. BAM. So much more volume, and no greasiness at all!

At this point I whip out my drybar hairdryer and attachment tool, as well as my alligator clips. I give it a minute or two of just a tousled drying, to get my hair from wet to damp. Then, I pick up the top section of my hair and clip it back, blow-drying the bottom layers until they are like 90% dry. In my opinion there is NO point in round brushing the bottom layers for volume. This is because your top layers are just going to weigh them down anyways and I don’t have time for that.

Okay now I begin sectioning the top part and blowing dry in the OPPOSITE direction that I ultimately want the hair to go. You are training your hair to go one way so that when you flip it over to the way you actually want it, it will rebel against you! Thus creating more volume. Now while the section of hair is still warm from the dryer, I use my big rollers (also from drybar) right at the crown to create volume. I don’t spend much time wrapping the hair all the way from the end, because we are just going to curl that with an iron.

I usually spritz the 3 giant rollers with just a touch of hairspray and leave them in to set while I do my makeup.


Now that my make-up is done and I have eyebrows haha, I am ready to curl the hair. I spritz lightly (avoiding my roots) with the “MELU” hair shield from Davines. It is a heat protectant for long and damaged hair. Is it overkill to use a heat protectant pre-blow dry AND pre-curling iron? Maybe. But why risk it? I figure I used up all the first layer of protection blasting it with heat, and now I’m going to put a 400 degree iron directly onto it.

I curl my hair really loosely on the bottom layers, using the iron the way it was intended because that’s easier. Then, when I get to the top, I grab smaller pieces of hair and wrap the sections around the barrel without using the clamp. I think this gives a more tousled look in the end. I curl my hair the OPPOSITE way I want it to go, the same as I did with blow drying. “Training it” to go the wrong way.

Holy Grail hair products for voluminous curly hair!


I always wait for the curls to cool before running my hands through or anything. I know that they will still fall throughout the day, but letting them cool first helps the curls to set. This is when I tilt my head to the side and spray “This Is A Dry Texturizer” by Davines into the curls (I get SO many compliments on how my hair smells after using this). While spraying, I usually separate them a bit spraying in between and underneath of them, rather than just the top.

Lastly, I flip my head upside down and spray all around the hair with “This Is A Medium Hairspray” by Davines. I mess up the part created when curling with my hand, and flip my hair over the direction I want it to lay. Now I give it another spritz of hairspray and voila!


Second & third day hair starts with “Detox Dry Shampoo” by Drybar. I spray this in my roots and then blow dry my roots only and set with rollers the same as above. From there I asses if I need more curls. If yes, I spray a little of the MELU heat protectant mentioned above and finish off with re-curling, styling and setting!

Well there you have it ladies (and gents?) my holy grail products for voluminous curls. Leave a comment with YOUR favorite products and I’ll check em out!

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