What I’m Packing for Disney!

In exactly 47 days, my family is departing from Chicago and headed to the most magical place on earth.. DISNEY WORLD! I literally cannot wait and am counting down the days. Not only am I ready for a vacation, but I can’t wait to see the looks on my niece and nephews faces when we take their first steps into the Magic Kingdom. We grew up going to Disney every couple of years and the last time that my mom, dad and I went it was around Christmas and New Years. The day we arrived it was 70 degrees at 10pm. We packed exactly for that weather. Well what we didn’t prepare for was the cold front that came over the entire state of Florida leaving us with 40 degree or below weather and clothes that we packed for much warmer weather! So we ended up wearing the same jeans, sweatshirts that we bought in disney and knee high socks for a majority of that trip. Lesson learned! Luckily we are headed to Disney in June this year so I don’t expect a cold front to happen, but I definitely want to be prepared because the summer weather in Florida can be unpredictable.

If you have ever been to Disney in the Summer you know that we can come across sweltering heat and rain. The top things I need to pack are: clothes that breathe, comfortable shoes, ponchos/ raincoat, backpack or cross body, camera, Sun protection (Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses), an external phone charger, refillable water bottle and of course our Magic Bands! If you keep reading, I am going to break down why I need these items and what I am shopping for now!

Clothes that Breathe:

The heat is no joke in Orlando. Obviously for me I want to be comfortable, wear clothes that breathe and are cute at the same time. Think cotton and linen. Nobody wants their clothes to stick to them all day. I just imagine being in denim shorts and getting soaked on a water ride, no thank you!

Dresses and Rompers:

Shorts and Cotton Tanks: 

Comfortable yet Stylish shoes:

I don’t think people realize how much walking there is when you are at Disney. The grounds are massive, just walking alone from your hotel room to the busses you can get some serious steps. I’ve also read on other forums that you can walk anywhere from 7-12 miles in a day. I personally can’t wear gym shoes all day when its 85 degrees out, so I have been doing some serious research on brands that make sandals that are comfortable and have cushion. Here are my top picks for comfortable yet stylish sneakers and sandals:

Ponchos/ Raincoat:

I can remember a picture or maybe its a memory that we have of walking around in the 90’s at Epcot with these bright yellow Mickey Mouse rain ponchos. They were one of the best investments we made on that trip and we had them for years after! You’ll be thankful that you packed ponchos or a raincoat for a couple reasons. Going into any building that has the air conditioning blasting and being soaked, is a recipe for a cold! Some people like to wear them on water rides, personally I don’t because at that point I need a splash of water to hit me to cool down. Buying ahead of time will save you money! If I want to be more trendy I will buy one of the raincoats below. I probably will invest in one because every time it rains in Chicago, I kick myself for not having a spring coat with a hood. As far as ponchos go you can buy really cheap durable ones on amazon!

Backpack and Crossbody:

I have a Marc Jacobs backpack I invested in a couple years ago. It has gone on countless trips with me. There are so many trendy back packs, belt bags and cross body bag options for sale now. What I like about a back pack is it keeps the weight evenly distributed, where as a cross body tends to bother my one shoulder that it keeps all the weight on. I wont have as much to pack in my bag either. My sister on the other hand has two children, so she needs a bag with obviously more space. For me I will just have my phone, camera, sunscreen and some other random essentials. PS. How cute is the first one I found that’s Disney from Nordstrom? Not only is it a backpack but its a cooler which is key in that Florida heat. Since you can bring your own water into the park, this would be perfect to store liquids and snacks!


Belt Bags:


Refillable Water Bottles/Sunscreen:

Every time I visit my dermatologist we talk about sunscreen. Over the past year and a half I have been wearing sunscreen on my face daily. Never before did I think to wear it under my makeup, especially when it wasn’t summer, but my eyes were opened when I had this skin test done.Nothing serious happened, but I saw the sun damage I had underneath my skin that you can’t see to the naked eye and I was SHOCKED! From then on I have sworn by wearing sunscreen everyday. Look for sunscreen that has Zinc Oxide in it. Its the safest and most affective ingredient in sunscreen. I have included the one I use below from Elta MD as well as others for the body. Sunscreen and water are to key players in your trip to Disney. Again that Florida sun does not play, Do you sense a pattern here? These items are also essential for everyday life, so not just only an investment for your trip!

External Phone Chargers:

I have read so many times how this is key at Disney world. You will constantly be on your phone and if you use the My Disney Experience app it will completely drain your battery. You don’t want to get lost at one of the parks and have your phone die! There are so many great options on Amazon as well, but this is to just give you an idea.

Hope this post inspires you for your trip to Disney and if you have any tips for me on what to pack please share them! Can’t wait to share all my pictures with you after our trip!


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