The Athleisure Trend

Hi friends! I think that of all the trends that I have become accustomed to, the athleisure trend is by far my favorite. This trend is the epitome of street style. Mixing fashion pieces or dressier items with joggers and athletic tees. Wearing a hoodie over a shift dress on date night. You get the idea! A couple years back these types of outfit combos were unheard of and would once have been referred to as fashion faux pas‘s.

How to wear the athleisure trend!

Besides the fact that the athleisure trend looks bad ass, it is a breeze to put together. Especially now that brands like Adidas are coming out with more lifestyle type items that mix well with your dressier fashion pieces. I bet you already own a couple of cute “lounge wear” items and I know you’ve got some casual/dressy pieces to mix with them.

Here are the easiest ways to put together the athleisure trend on your own:

  1. The Half & Half: This is what I’ve got going on in these pictures. One half of me is going to brunch and the other half of me is lounging on the couch. I took my trusty joggers from Old Navy (which I wear ALL the time) and my Adidas tee from Nordstrom, which is equally on repeat for me. I wore an oversized faux leather detail jacket from Rent the Runway and finished the look with some pointed toe booties. This may be “over the top” for some, but I LOVE it!
  2. The Pants Say Stay: This look is where your pants say “stay home on the couch” but the rest of your outfit says night out! My favorite way to do this is by literally putting on what you would normally wear out that day/night, and then just changing your pants. Trust me, I’ve seen some Adidas track pants looks KILLER with a pair of heels and a dressy top!
  3. The Off-Court Tennis Shoes: This to me is the “safest” or the most widely “accepted” way to wear the athleisure trend. I’m sure you’ve already seen someone rocking a cute t-shirt dress, or an elevated outfit altogether and then she rounds it out with her favorite pair of tennis shoes. You can really wear any sneakers for this look, Converse, Nike fly knits, New Balance and my trusty Allbirds (which I have an entire post about here) are my go-to shoes for this variation of the athleisure trend!


How to wear the athleisure trend! How to wear the athleisure trend!

So the next time you are running out of the house in a mini dress try throwing on a pair of Converse or Nikes with it. And this weekend break out those old-school track pants or joggers and pair them with a cute top! The athleisure trend works for every occasion from running errands, to Sunday brunch, to date night!


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