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30 Things about me since I turned 30!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy 30th Birthday to me!

For all our new followers and followers that have been here from the start I wanted to share with you 30 things about me since I turned 30!

  1. If you were following last year on my 29th birthday I shared that I was born on 2/14 in room 214 at 2:14am.
  2. I played softball for 12 years and I miss it every single summer!
  3. My initials are MMM. I was named after my godmother, My mom wanted to name me Valerie because I was born on Valentines day. It all worked out because I just don’t think I am a Valerie. Maria is a much better name for a Greek & Italian Girl!
  4. When the Spice Girls first went on tour, my dad rented an entire school bus and 40+ of my friends and their families went to the concert! What a fun way to go to my first concert! #dadgoals Dad if you are reading and they go on tour, lets do this again!
  5. I could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life and even though I am from Chicago, my first choice would not be deep dish!
  6. I am terrified of going down escalators. If you are with me I will probably ask to hold your hand. My mom always used to tell us when we were young to tie our shoes because they will get caught. When I was working at Nordstrom I saw a baby fall out of a stroller on an escalator. Talk about traumatizing. Team Elevator!
  7. Apparently I have really small ears, so many people have pointed it out to me! Anyone need an ear model? #lookingforanewjob
  8. I was an extra on Chicago PD. As extras we were tasked to bring a couple “going out” outfits for the wardrobe department to pick from. This was my favorite part that I got to put looks together. I probably brought ten outfits and of course the one I had on they chose for me to wear. During the bar scene, my block sandals and my hard walking made too much noise, they had to put duct tape on my shoes haha
  9. I played the flute in our school band from 5th grade through freshman year of highschool. I was so mad at my mom that she forced my sister and I to play in high school. Half the time I would fake playing not because I was bad, but because I literally dreaded every moment of it haha.
  10. I have a scar on my forehead that Rhys calls my Harry Potter scar. It looks nothing like a lightning bolt haha, but it is pretty big. I had over 40 stitches. Half of them were inside my head and dissolved and the rest I had to get removed, OUCH! I was in third grade and was playing basketball at my friend Emily’s house. For some reason she had access to a metal pole that was the length of her house. She picked it up swung it back and hit me right in the head. I don’t think I will every visually forget that moment. After we left the hospital my parents took me to White Castle and I got to sleep in my parents bed. I thought it was such a great treat I wrote about it in my Lion King Diary haha.
  11. In grade school we had these Secret Santa shops and all they sold was junk, but it was fun for us kids to go shopping for our family. I really wanted this multi colored lizard (that my mom got me) and I thought it would be cool for my sister to have one too. On Christmas I opened my Lizard and I was so excited my sister goes “That’s so stupid!”. I was so mad I took that Lizard and whacked her across the mouth and gave her a fat lip. How dare my older sister tell me the gift I got that she didn’t open yet was stupid lol.
  12. Every morning before grade school my mom would plan out my outfit and she would go to work. My Yiayia (Grandma in Greek) or my Grandma would help us get ready for school. When my mom would get home from work she would get so mad when she saw my outfit. I never went to school in what she picked out and I would be all mismatched. I tell her now it was a way for me to express my creativity and individuality!
  13. I really wanted blue hair a couple years ago, but since my hair was so dark I didn’t want to bleach all of it. So I did have blue hair, but it was like blue black. I secretly wish I had the resources like Kylie Jenner, so I could wear amazing wigs all the time without dying my hair.
  14. I have a great sense of direction!
  15. Rhys and I met at work! One of my really good friends was his manager and kind of set us up/ put in the good word to me about him. Rfinalhys tells everyone that I followed him home one night (hilarious!) but in all reality he told me at our holiday party that he was going to follow me around the rest of the night! We just celebrated two years in December!
  16. I was in Dance or Cheerleading my whole life and Stacy and I were on a hip hop team together in college! HIP HOP YOU KNOW! (Nerds lol)
  17. I have never had a pop/soda in my life. I don’t even like touching it!
  18. When my Great Grandfather came from Italy to the United States they changed his last name from Montagiano to Muting! When I designed a line in college all of my inspiration was from my family and I named it ‘Montagiano’. If you didn’t know I got my second Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design!
  19. I loved milk so much as a kid, I drank it with every meal. I loved it so much that I made myself lactose intolerant! You could literally hear the milk shaking around in my belly!
  20. I have been to 27 states and I want to hit all 50 by the time im 35! #travelgoals
  21. I was a pretty big tomboy when I was younger and always wanted to be sporty spice. My favorite outfit was black nikes, acid washed jeans and a bulls starter jacket.
  22. In junior high I let my friends cut my hair. They actually did a really good job, but I hid it from my family for a while. I always had my hair up. Finally one day we were at the mall and my mom noticed my hair was shorter, she was NOT happy when I told her the story. We went to my hairdresser and she just had to make a couple tweaks!
  23. I am a pretty good bowler. Growing up my mom played on a midnight bowling league, so we grew up going bowling. I was also on the bowling team in grade school. I still love to play so for my 28th birthday we went bowling. I crushed Rhys and to this day we haven’t been back together. I think his ego was a little bruised!
  24. Please do not talk to me, when you are brushing your teeth. Even just writing this thinking about someone doing it makes me gag!
  25. I also have never had gum. It grosses me out. I would prefer for people to not chew it in my car, we all have our quirks right? Oh yeah and people who smack their gum around, please stop! haha.
  26. Depending on my mood, season or activity you can find me listening to a range of music genres. Whether it’s Country, Hip/Hop Rap, Pop, R&B, or Classic Rock/oldies. I am always looking for new artist recommendations though even if they don’t fall in those Genres, so send them my way!
  27. I have only lived in the Midwest. Illinois a majority of my life and four years in Iowa. I have always wanted to live somewhere different, but Chicago is home and I don’t think I could ever live far away from my family. Plus its a pretty fantastic city!
  28. I love getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets right out of the dryer, but after that first night I rarely make my bed unless someone is coming over.
  29. I have had a lot of nicknames throughout my life but the three that stuck are: Margo (my papou started calling me this when I was little), Ree Ree or Ri Ri ( I was Ri Ri before Rhianna lol. Most kids call me this and everyone in my family calls me Ree) and Marge (This started with my college friends)
  30. Ever since I moved to city I have to sleep with a fan on or some type of noise app on my phone.One of my apartments was right by the L (our public transportation system) and I would hear the conductor in the middle of the night “This is Western avenue!” “doors closing” and from then on I had to have something to block out the noise and I have been sleeping with a fan ever since!

Hope you enjoyed learning 30 things about me!

Happy Valentines Day! It doesn’t have to be a day to just celebrate love if you are in a relationship, but celebrate with your friends, family or even yourself!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Happy Birthday! Turning 30 is a big milestone! I am 32 and was actually really excited to turn 30, it feels like a time where I can be apologetically me and the 30’s is the perfect place to settle into whatever it is that I am. I loved these facts, it is always awesome to get to know bloggers better.

    Published 2.16.18
  2. Susannah wrote:

    I can’t imagine you with blue hair! Yours is so beautiful! Loved hearing all this cool stuff about you!

    Published 2.16.18
  3. Lisa wrote:

    hahaha! I only make my bed when I put fresh sheets on too.

    Published 2.16.18
  4. melissa wrote:

    It’s always fun learning more about a blogger…their personal life! Happy Birthday and Hope you had a great Valentines!

    Published 2.17.18
  5. Happy birthday! We live in Chicago, too. It’s the best 🙂

    Published 2.19.18