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I am so excited to share my 3 ways to wear pearl jeans with you guys today! This post is a long time coming, and is by far one of my favorites. When I purchased the jeans (originally at Zara), I had no idea if I’d be able to find a single way to style them, let alone 3 ways to wear pearl jeans differently. They quickly became a staple in my wardrobe. The jokes at work POURED in haha “hey, you got somethin’ on your pants” was my personal favorite. 🙂 I say this to encourage you to wear what you want and to laugh off the haters- ALWAYS.


Initially, when I got these jeans I thought to myself, “Okay Stace, these have pearls on them so these are officially your fancy jeans”. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they could be so much MORE! After all, they are a relaxed boyfriend fit. They have a raw hem, meaning they aren’t folded under and stitched which leaves them with an “unfinished” sort of look.

pearl jeans bow slides

So naturally, I was stoked to realize how versatile these pants could be! I found these bow slides for like ten bucks at Akira (linked below) and I was LIVING in them this fall. They paired nicely with the jeans because they mimicked the girly look, without being too over the top.

pearl jeans casual outfit

I chose a basic white tee and a long grey cardigan because I needed to keep my top half simple. The key with attention grabbing pieces is to not wear them all at the same time. For example, I would not have chosen to put this with a ruffle shirt and bell sleeve sweater. That would have WAY too many design elements going on in one outfit.

casual outfit pearl jeans

This is legit what I look like almost every weekend. I thought it was only fitting to include a large weekender bag to complete the look! This is the most comfortable of the 3 ways to wear pearl jeans.


Alright now it’s time to dress these jeans up to impress your man (or your woman)! I love the easy breezy half tuck that you can get with a button-up silky blouse. This is my trick to showing that I still have a waist, in a shirt that might otherwise hide it. To achieve this, I just leave the bottom two buttons undone and tuck that part into my jeans. Voila! Instant slimming hack. haha

date night outfit pearl jeans

I love wearing a sleek black top for date night. There is something so sexy about black, and it will forever be my date night go-to color! I had a tiny strand of pearls that I chose with this as a necklace. Tiny enough to compliment the jeans, without looking overly matchy matchy!

date night outfit pearl jeans

I went with a pointed-toed high heel to finish off this saucy look. These helped my legs look SO much longer, especially in a relaxed fit, cropped pair of jeans. Unfortunately, this shoot was the only date these babies hit the pavement on! Haha Sadly, they are way too high for me, so they are actually on sale for like half price in my Poshmark closet if any of you are interested! I’ll link the listing here.

date night outfit pearl jeans

Such an easy date night look, suitable for dinner, a night out, or drinks and a movie! I love how easy this one is to put together, perfect for after work on a Friday night when you want to meet out for happy hour!


Okay full disclosure I couldn’t decide whether this look should be titled “how to wear pearl jeans to brunch”, or “in the city”, or “out with girlfriends”, etc etc. Then I decided, this is just a BOSS a$% look! Haha It’s definitely my favorite look of the 3 ways to wear pearl jeans, so here is how I style pearl jeans like a boss.

pearl jeans chic city boss look

Here I go again choosing to put two show-stopping elements in the same look. It is risky, but if done right your result is effortlessly chic! I wanted this look to come across that way- super chic, but not trying too hard. “Red to toe” was all the rage for Fall/Winter. And while I haven’t mastered the all red look yet, I sure have had fun incorporating pops of red into my outfits! These booties are to die for, get your hands on some red shoes. You won’t regret it. I literally feel more confident just LOOKING at these booties. Haha I originally purchased these at Zara, but I linked others almost identical you can shop below!

pearl jeans chic city boss look

Same as with the velvet bow slides, I went for neutral colors up top for this look. I love a mock neck top because I think it gives off a more casual vibe than it’s traditional turtle neck cousin. I threw my tried and true Topshop trench coat over it, (say that 3 times fast) which to me is the ultimate city chic type of jacket. Man did I feel like a boss!

pearl jeans chic city boss look

This is by far my favorite way to wear these pearl jeans. I feel like you can even tell from the pictures! Haha An outfit that gives you a sudden boost of confidence when you put it on is truly the best think you can do for yourself. Trust me. 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on 3 ways to wear pearl jeans! If you liked this, be sure to check out my 3 Ways to Wear: A Metallic Skirt post here. Comment below which look is your favorite or which you’d be most likely to wear!

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    Love the casual look, the slides look so soft. Favoriteis the Boss look though- the name was perfect and the pop of red is ??

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