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Bridging the Gap- Midlife vs Millennial

Hello babes! We are SUPER excited to share this “Bridging the Gap” campaign with you all. We absolutely love the idea of bridging the gap between millennials and midlifers, so when we first heard about the campaign we knew we had to join!

The idea behind the Bridging the Gap campaign is to blur the lines between millennials and midlife age groups and to bring powerful women together. It’s about standing united as one group, instead of letting demographic labels divide us. It’s about gaining a better understand of one another and growing together in mutual respect.

We have always talked about millennials having such a negative reputation in the world today. They very word “millennial” itself has grown to have such a negative connation and we experience the effects of it more often than you would think! The stigma tends to be that we are lazy, entitled brats who aren’t willing to actually work for what we want. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Maria and I joined the campaign hoping to showcase that we are not those things and that we are not all that different from the midlifer’s age group! We joined the campaign to connect with a midlifer who could inspire us to continue to do what we are passionate about for many years to come, and who might be able to give us a little advice along the way!

Let me tell you we hit the JACKPOT when we were partnered with Rhonda of Rhonda Raves. The woman is incredibly inspiring and it turned out we had more in common with her than we ever thought we would! For starters Rhonda went to college for fashion, just like we did! She set out in her fashion career as an assistant buyer for a retailer similar to the Kohl’s we are all familiar with today. When she divulged that it wasn’t quite as “glamorous” as she had thought it would be, we laughed because it is SO true. Everyone imagines that they will go to school for fashion and then become the next Rachel Green assistant buyer, or Carrie Bradshaw queen of NYC!
After Rhonda realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, she set out to own a store of her own. We were so inspired by this part of her journey as well because it is something we have dreamt of for a long time now! She purchased a bridal consignment shop and thrived in that world for a while before heading back to her hometown of Nashville, TN.

Rhonda’s world was turned upside down when her father passed in a horrific accident, and she left the fashion industry to work alongside her mother taking over her father’s real estate company. Again something that hit sort of close to home for me (Stacy) as my family is currently dealing with my father’s cancer diagnosis. I think my favorite part about this turning point in Rhonda’s story is that she turned turmoil and heartbreak into a chance to give back and create happiness for others. She immersed herself in charity work, and the very subject of charity work is what brought Rhonda and her husband together! Say it with me now, “Awww”! She learned that he lost his young daughter in a similarly tragic accident, and he also set out on a philanthropic journey to honor her memory.

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Check out this #TBT 🙂 The giving couple just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary this month!! Her husband is in a band (and yes, it seems as though she was once one of his groupies! Haha) but his group, Little River Band, isn’t just about creating great music for you to bob your head to. They continue to give back through his band which performs about 10 fundraiser shows each year for different organizations!

As if their lives together weren’t already interesting enough, Rhonda wrote a book last year titled “A Different Life” and they found a way to incorporate that into her husband’s musical world. You’re probably wondering, “how does that work”?! Well, as she tells it, the guys perform some songs related to some of the events in their lives, and then Rhonda tells the story behind the songs and their experiences! I mean COME ON!! They are seriously such a dynamic duo power couple!

We are SO inspired by Rhonda’s story and all that she has accomplished, and we are so hopeful that we can achieve just a fraction of what she has so far! The icing on the cake for us was that she is working on an athleisure line of clothing which we cannot WAIT to see. We only hope she let’s us get some pieces before it sells out, because we are positive that this will only be another notch in her belt of many successes in life!
Wait, we also forgot to point out that she is beautiful on the outside too! Haha Maybe we are biased because we admire her so much now, but seriously, absolutely stunning (and sassy too)!

Any who, this is the start of a revolution and we are thrilled to be a part of it! Bridging the Gap between millennials and midlifers, and showcasing to the world that not only are we not all the different, but that we are stronger together!

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  1. Loretta griseto wrote:

    Great idea!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

    Published 10.18.17
  2. Cassie wrote:

    Loved getting to know Rhonda and her story! How great is this campaign in bringing us all together?!

    Published 10.18.17
    • Cassie wrote:

      Oh and I grew up on the little river band thanks to my dad!

      Published 10.18.17
  3. Taylor wrote:

    Love love love this article!! So many of my good friends and role models are in different generations. Also loved reading about Rhonda – So inspiring.

    Published 10.18.17
  4. This is such a great campaign to be a part of, all of you are quite inspiring so don’t stop hustling 🙂

    *also wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis. I know the feeling all too well and will be sending you a lot of good jujus your way.


    Published 10.18.17
  5. Sarah wrote:

    I love this campaign. As a millennial I know there is so much knowledge and experience out there that I could learn from! This is great.

    Published 10.19.17
  6. Lauren wrote:

    Great campaign! I’m a millennial and I love learning wisdom and advice from a different generation!

    Published 10.19.17
  7. Jazz wrote:

    Nice collaboration and I love the message. ❤️

    Published 10.20.17