Condado Vanderbilt- Our stay in Puerto Rico!

Happy Thursday! One more sleep till the weekend! I wanted to share with everyone today pictures from our hotel in Puerto Rico. We stayed in an area called Condado and our hotel the Condado Vanderbilt was located right on the Atlantic Ocean. An interesting tidbit the word Condado translates in English to the oceanfront. Condado is east of the historic area of Old San Juan, about a ten to a fifteen-minute car ride.

Fredrick William Vanderbilt built the Condado Vanderbilt in 1919; he comes from one of America’s wealthiest families. When they first opened they attracted a lot of European and Hollywood royalty such as Charles Lindberg, Bob Hope, Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The hotel is so luxurious consisting of 319 hotel rooms and 107 suites, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel was located alongside a lot of other hotels in Condado. I felt like it was pretty centrally located in that area. Lots of little shops and restaurants around us, one of my favorite places to visit was Ben & Jerry’s for a little snack after dinner 🙂

They have cabanas and chaise lounges for hotel guests, three pools, and a Sundeck. Condado Vanderbilt had a lot of dining options from lounges, bars, Michelin rated restaurants and casual outdoor dining.

Every morning we would start our day around 8:00 am to go secure a spot by the pool or sundeck. We would lay out for a little bit and then eventually walk over to Ola one of their more casual dining options for breakfast. Twice I ordered this egg white frittata with mozzarella cheese, red onions, tomatoes and a side of potatoes. Mmmm it was so delicious; I wish I had time to make a frittata every morning! Ola was probably where we spent most of our time eating when we were at the hotel. We would get poolside drinks and snacks there too, its right beside the main pool and sundeck area.

I was obsessed with our hotel, genuinely sad to leave. Our king size bed was so comfy and the bathroom was a great size. Every day when the maid service came to clean our room, not only did they make our bed, but also they folded all of our clothes. Rhys and I loved that, me especially because I have so many clothes and am not great about picking my things up after I wear them. At night around 8 or 9, they would come and turn down our bed, provided a laundry bag in case we wanted anything cleaned and leave little chocolate brownies for a nice late night treat.

The Condado Vanderbilt was so luxurious and had a very old world feel about it. If I ever go back to Puerto Rico I would definitely stay here again. For all my friends, family and readers here I highly recommend staying at this five-star resort if you are ever traveling to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! Thank you to everyone who was so kind, welcoming and accommodating you made our experience at the Condado unforgettable! We hope to come back someday!

Xoxo Maria

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