Restoration Hardware- 3 Arts Cafe

If you live near Chicago and haven’t been to RH yet, this review of Restoration Hardware will surely sway your next weekend plans! It is definitely a must see!

Restoration Hardware- Chicago, IL.

The Showroom

Restoration Hardware, for those who have never been, is like IKEA on crack. Really expensive crack. It is a breathtakingly beautiful “showroom”, and that is an understatement. The owner, Gary Friedman calls it his “field of dreams”. Because it is tucked away in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, many doubted that there would be enough traffic to be successful. This is where Friedman’s “if we build it, they will come” theory came into play.

View from the showroom down into the restaurant.


Restoration Hardware was built in a 6 floor, 70,000 square foot run down Three Arts Club building that was built in 1914! The space is unlike anything you would imagine. You walk through the showroom and through room after room of lavish bedding, unique furniture and stunning lighting fixtures.


Unique bar feature in showroom living space.


Showroom master bedroom view from the ensuite.



This location also has an RH Modern floor, RH Teen and RH Baby and Child. The kids and teen section is amazing. Nothing like IKEA, no offense to IKEA (trust me I love IKEA), but RH is so sophisticated looking and so fancy. It’s how I imagine Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively decorated their kids’ spaces. hehe

Nursery in the RH showroom.


Textile wall in RH showroom.


You can just come in for a visit, walk the floors and gawk at all of the impeccably styled rooms. There is complimentary valet parking so that is a plus anywhere in Chicago (just please be kind and leave a tip)! You can shop and you can even set up an appointment to meet with one of their interior decorators to help you spend your money. They literally have everything there- walls of textiles, leathers, drapery etc., a rug showroom with every type of floor rug imaginable. There is a rooftop and garden area where you can sit and sip coffee. Because oh yeah, I forgot to mention they even have a coffee and pastry shop in house! There is even a wine bar and this is the first RH location to have a full blown restaurant…


Rooftop garden space.

The Cafe

Which leads me to one of my new favorite breakfast places in the city- the 3 Arts Club Café. Maria and I went there to talk business when we first joined forces and I was blown away by the food. I had the RH scramble and a side of bacon (actually I think we both did). Now it is literally just scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and some texas toast. Now, brunch in Chicago tends to be pretty elaborate. Think red velvet pancakes, chilaquiles, brisket skillets and lobster benedicts. So some scrambled eggs and avocado sounds like a basic bitch breakfast right?? WRONG. Terribly, awfully, wrong. It was the most delicious “basic” breakfast I have ever experienced.

“RH Scramble” at 3 Arts Cafe.

So good, in fact, that I drug my better half here like the following week to try it! I had the same BBB, and he tried the Local Yogurt. Folks, I’ve never ordered yogurt at a restaurant, but never again will I doubt how “special” a simple item like this could be. Kyle was equally as satisfied with his selection, because who doesn’t love house-made granola and a drizzle of honey?

I don’t really want to talk about the bacon, because I am already salivating as I write this. But I would be doing you guys a disservice if I didn’t. The menu just said “Side of Bacon”. That’s it! I urge you NOT to overlook this menu item. The bacon is definitely a shareable side, thick cut, more like pork belly bacon, a little sweet, and then it is peppered to perfection. *Drooling* The menu is small, but packed with deliciousness. Next on my food bucket list is their Truffled Grilled Cheese because I heard it is divine.

Brendan Sodikoff is the restaurant genius behind the madness. Brendan is the same man who brought the best burger in the world to Chicago at Au Cheval and the one of the swankiest bars around, Gilt Bar. He is also who we can thank for Green Street Smoked Meats and Sawada Coffee.

Besides the food, the dining area is exquisite as well. It is a giant greenhouse, atrium, garden dining room. With extravagant chandeliers and the same fabulous décor you find in the showrooms, it is truly a joy to dine there. Heck, I want to LIVE there. Pretty sure that was part of the master plan to get people to spend their money there. Nice move RH, nice move.

Wine cellar and bar area.


Dining atrium at 3 Arts Cafe.


The Review

So basically, I give RH and 3 Arts Café five stars. Can you blame me?

  • Complimentary valet parking in the Gold Coast.
  • Beautiful showroom that I want to buy everything in.
  • Casual shopping as you wait for your table in the Café.
  • Coffee and pastries you can take up to the rooftop.
  • Delicious dining with top notch service.
  • One of a kind atmosphere.

Let us know if you have been and what you thought! Or if you’ve been to another location before!

xoxo Stacy

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