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Allbirds Sneakers

You know how you can literally just get lost on social media? C’mon, I know you’ve all been there before. You set your alarm clock for work tomorrow, excited to get a full eight hours of Z’s, and then you innocently open Instagram “just for a few minutes to wind down before bed”. You click on one inspiring image perfectly captured by the Instagrammer, and then you click on their profile to see who they are and why they are so much cooler than you. Then you click another one of their photos because it looked so delicious you want the recipe for your next party. Then you notice a unique hashtag they used, so obviously you have to see what else is out there. And when you do, you notice the geo-location of a similar picture so naturally you have to click that in order to determine if you should plan your next vacation there or not… And before you know it two hours have gone by and you’ve significantly reduced your beauty sleep!

That my friends, is how I found Allbirds. And thank God for hashtag jumping, social media surfing, scrolling before bed because these suckers are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn!



They are made from Merino Wool and are like wearing a soft sock with a light sole. I was a little skeptical at first, I must admit, but I am also a sucker for innovation and natural alternatives to synthetic fibers so I knew I had to order a pair. I think my favorite thing about these is that you don’t have to wear socks with them! So much more comfortable and so more more chic without that sock peekin’ out the top.

The story behind these sneakers is truly unique, click here to read about it, and they come with a 30-day money back comfort guarantee! (Now if only stilettos did too).

Another thing I love about Allbirds is that their wool is ZQ-certified which basically means that they treat their sheep as they would want to be treated and that they have access to Wi-Fi on the farm…probably…



Anyone else out there worried about the environment? Allbirds is! Their carbon footprint is 60% less than your average shoe and their shipper doubles as the shoebox which is also super eco-friendly. Because truly, why do we insist on shipping a box within a box within a box??


Don’t just take my word for it folks, try a pair! They have men’s and women’s styles and different colors too. If you do end up ordering a pair, let me know in the comments what you thought! Here’s the link to shop their site!

PS- This post is not sponsored, just an honest review on a comfortable, innovative and eco-friendly pair of kicks!!!

xoxo Stacy

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  1. Sonia wrote:


    Love your blog and Allbirds, what color are these sneakers?

    Published 5.1.17
    • hashtagsandhangsbags wrote:

      Hi Sonia! Thanks so much for the sweet words! I’m obsessed with my Allbirds, they are so comfortable! This color was actually one of the limited edition colors called Tui Tan. The closest they have right now is the all white, not sure if they will bring the tan back but they switch up their colors often so keep checking their site! xox Stacy

      Published 5.2.17
  2. Eshika Roy wrote:

    The color of the sneaker is really nice and it looks comfortable also. I would love to have this pair in this offbeat color. Could you please when will this color will be back in stock.

    Published 6.28.17
  3. Oh, I will have to try a pair of these. They are those in between shoes that I don’t have!

    Published 7.19.18