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At the Copa Copacabana

flamingo12flamingo3flamingo11flamingo10flamingo1flamingo5flamingo14Immediately when I saw this wall Barry Manilow’s Copacabana song popped into my head! I obviously had to listen to the song the entire time I wrote this post. He talks about the hottest club in Havana, who has been to Cuba? It’s definitely on my bucket list and I really hope to visit there before its too commercialized!

My boyfriend (Rhys) and I were at Soho one night for a Topshop event and he picked out this dress for me! I was so impressed with what he picked out and I am obsessed with it! I was able to wear it to a wedding a just two weeks ago. We attended a wedding with all his college friends back at their Alma Mater Indiana University. What a beautiful campus!

I was watching Access Hollywood tonight and one of the reporters was wearing this dress! I can’t find it on Topshop’s site anymore, but I thought it was such a small world!

Since this dress is no longer available I linked three similar dresses from a low- high price point!

Dress: Jay Godfrey (Low) // Dress: Nicholas (Medium) // Dress: Roland Mouret (High)

The talented artists behind this Mural: JC Rivera  and Andrew Ghrist

Photo Cred: Meredith Hess

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  1. Amber wrote:

    This is a gorgeous dress and background! So funny, my husband will pick out something I’d never wear and then I end up loving it. They always know haha


    Published 9.14.16